Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

aka: Aku Ankka: Universumin Sank@r!?.!, Disney Donald : "Cou@k Att@k?*!", Disney Pato Donald, Disney Pato Donald "Cu@c Att@ck?*!", Disney's Donald Duck: "Qu@ck Att@ck"?*!, Disney: Kačer Donald vr@cí úder!, Disney’s Anders And: Et R@pt Eventyr?*!, Donald Duck: Quack Attack, Kalle Anka: "Kv@ck Att@ck?*!", Szalone Przygody Kaczora Donalda
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Ducked or Lucked Out

The Good
The game has interesting new opening and closing cutscenes without any of the claymation graphics and gets straight to the point. The graphics are a lot more crisp. The music tracks are better composed and capture the Disney cartoon mood rather well. Although the bosses seem the same as they were in the PS1 version, Magica and Merlock at least do a lot more to make it interesting.

The Bad
Firstly this N64 version spams the same flaws of the PS1 version in regards to terrible voice acting, Gyro's constant nagging throughout the levels, boring and tedious platforming, easy enemies and so many items to collect everywhere.

Secondly what else is wrong with this version of the game? The framerate kind of stutters, though that is to be expected. There's less dialogue throughout, although that's more of a good thing considering the quality of the voice acting anyway.

The Bottom Line
Not a great deal different from the inferior PlayStation version with only mild coats of paint. This version at least has some polish to it. It shares the likeness of "Pac-Man World" albeit shorter and not as puzzling. It could've been a lot better with a different storyline and more interesting characters put in. This game will only wear out after the first playthrough. It's more fun to watch a Disney cartoon any day.

Nintendo 64 · by Kayburt (29521) · 2021

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