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Superman is a single player, action based platformer for the Sega Genesis. As the Man of Steel, you jump, punch and kick your way through several levels, battling the likes of Prankster, Metallo, and Mr. Mxyzptlk to keep Metropolis safe. After the initial levels, the evil Brainiac kidnaps Lois Lane and takes her to his space station. Some levels take place in flight, and allow you to not only fly but shoot lasers from Superman's eyes. On the ground, you can collect icons that allow you to use a super power once, often a super punch or spin attack to remove an obstacle in the game.

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The Man Of Aluminum Foil

The Good
On the surface, Superman seems to have many of the elements needed for a successful, single-player, side-scrolling arcade action based platformer. The game's graphics, music and sound effects are all above average. Superman himself is fairly easy to control, with fluid character animation, and most of the bosses are noted super villains.

The Bad
The graphics, music and sound effects are all above average, but they will not dazzle anyone. Many of the levels seem to be pretty generic for a platformer and it is not all together clear who some of the bosses are suppose to be, with Lex Luther noticeably absent.

In terms of storyline, Superman fails to offer any beyond a series of confusing newspaper headlines. After a few levels, a very brief intermission sequences reveals that Lois Lane has, for some reason, been kidnapped by Brainiac and held hostage in a giant space station.

In terms of control, the Man of Steel has become the Man of Aluminum Foil. He can only withstand about a dozen direct hits before he dies. No extra lives are given and you have a limited number of continues. Superman can only fly during special levels. For the most part you are limited to standard walking, jumping, punching and kicking your way through each particular level. His super powers are shocking absent in the game, except for special icons that will give you a one-shot super move necessary to overcome a certain obstacle.

The limited access to Superman's trademark super powers, coupled with his frailty and limited continues, makes for a game that is unreasonably difficult. To add insult to injury, your reward for beating the game is a lackluster ending.

The Bottom Line
Superman seems to have been hit over the head with Kryptonite in making the leap to the Genesis. In many respects, this feels like an unfinished game that was heading in the right direction but was sent to the stores too early. DC Comics fans, who are up for a tough battle, will probably enjoy this game. However, many gamers and comic book fans will find themselves wondering how Sunsoft could be so cold to the legendary Man of Steel?

Genesis · by ETJB (428) · 2010


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