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Based on the 1990 Schwarzenegger film of the same name, Total Recall for the NES generally adheres to the movie's plot across its nine levels. Unlike the various PC iterations, this title was created by Interplay and published by Acclaim.

Players control Doug Quaid as he platform hops across Earth and Mars in search of his stolen memories and the responsible parties. A collection of police, soldiers, and creatures will try to stop him. Quaid's default attack is a strong punch, though guns can be knocked away from some guards and picked up for use. Cutscenes between certain levels tell the movie's plot, and feature likenesses of the actors from the film (including Arnold).

Sequences in the film are also replicated more tightly than in the PC versions. Quaid will be chased by henchman Richter in the first level, and must battle his wife inside their apartment. The security x-ray scanner takes up a level, as does the subway battle after. The player will also commandeer a Martian taxi for a driving level inside the colony, and windows can be shot out on Mars, sucking out any unfortunate baddies nearby.

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The NES version of the game actually has the likenesses of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironside and Ronny Cox, who play Douglas Quaid, Richter and Vilos Cohaagen, respectively. All of them appear in cut-scenes. This may seem strange to some; in those days, there weren't many limitations on the use of actors' likenesses in video games.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • October 1990 (Issue 15) - Worst Movie to Game
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #5 (Worst 10 Games of All Time)

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