aka: Dead Man Dan, MediEvil: Yomigaetta Garomea no Yūsha
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In the year 1286, Sir Daniel Fortesque and his soldiers fought against the evil sorcerer Zarok, who raised an army of demons, intending to conquer the world. Sir Daniel was hailed as a hero after the battle, supposedly having been mortally wounded during it, taking Zarok with him. However, it looks like the sorcerer was not defeated in that battle. A hundred years later, he appears again, robbing people of their souls to build an army of undead. Unleashing waves of necromantic energy, Zarok inadvertently revives Sir Daniel as well. Now a skeletal corpse, the knight must correct the mistakes of the past and defeat Zarok once and for all.

MediEvil is an action game in which the player controls Sir Daniel, exploring 3D environments and fighting many enemies that stand on his path towards the ultimate goal. The protagonist starts with his own detachable arm as the basic weapon; however, later he acquires swords and other melee weapons, as well as bows. Money can be collected and spent on items and equipment sold by gargoyle merchants. The hero must also find various rune stones that will allow him to access new areas.

Each level contains a chalice that can be filled with souls of defeated enemies. Sir Daniel may take a chalice only after having vanquished a sufficient amount of foes. Getting the chalice enables access to the Hall of Heroes, where the protagonist can receive new weapons. Collecting all the chalices in the game unlocks a special ending.


  • メディーバル 甦ったガロメアの勇者 - Japanese spelling

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Game Conception / Direction
Game Design
Main Programming
Additional Programming
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Art Design
Rendered Sequences / Presentation Visuals
Character Animation
Level Modelling
Texture Art
Additional Character Animation
Additional Level Modelling
Additional Mapping
AV Management
Original Soundtrack
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Average score: 84% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 53 ratings with 3 reviews)

An amusing and original classic.

The Good
The combination between puzzle-solving and adventure gives a very nice result, and also adds more originality to the game itself. When you venture on in the mystical lands of Gallowmere, you're confronted with tons of enemies and surprising new levels (from a sunken village to a flying ghost ship), and Dan can equip himself with a greater arsenal of weapons that makes the game even more fun. As for the difficulty level, one can say that the game is perfectly balanced. Not too hard, not too easy, just right.

The Bad
One of the greatest problems is the camera. When venturing in a level, you'll notice all too soon that the irregular-moving camera can seriously disorient one who isn't familiar with a level. This can cause some confusion, and proved to be extremely irritating when you try to face a horde of enemies. One more botheration would be the graphics. They aren't really state-of-the-art, and some technical errors can be easily detected. Sometimes the scenery even seems to move on its own.

The Bottom Line
At first sight the game slightly reminded me of Ghosts 'n Goblins, but once you play the game, you'll notice that Medievil is completely different, and can easily create a new category altogether. The dark humour, the diversity of the levels and the storyline will compensate greatly for the lesser points of this game.

Despite the fact that this game has aged a little bit, it still remains a nice classic with lots of fun and challenge. Certainly recommended!

PlayStation · by The_Ferryman (12) · 2005

A surreal venture into the world of the dead

The Good
What I liked about this game: Some of the best graphics I have seen for the PlayStation/ Good "zombie-esque" animation on Dan/ The weapons!

The Bad
What I didn't like: It was only made for PlayStation/ It's easy to get lost/ It has limited replay value/

The Bottom Line
It's worth buying this game if you like any RPG, even Super Mario 64. It does have a full voice soundtrack, and it was made in England, so how bad can it be?

PlayStation · by bowser724 (27) · 2004

A timeless gem on the original PlayStation

The Good
Despite its age and improvements in similar titles that arrived in the years since, MediEvil holds up. The art design is stylish, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the levels are enjoyably varied. Despite low polygon counts and low resolution textures, many areas are pleasant to look at. There is an interesting mix of gruesome and lighthearted elements.

The balance of combat and puzzles feels just right, offering a challenge without being overwhelming. I used a walkthrough a couple of times when I felt stuck, but since the levels are all relatively small, I would have found the solution on my own in each case had I been a little more patient.

Sir Daniel Fortesque is an unusual character. He was the first one to die in a battle against evil sorcerer Zarok 100 years ago, yet somehow become a hero of folk legends. In the mythical Hall of Heroes where the heroes of former times spend eternity, Fortesque is not taken seriously. Now, accidentally resurrected, Fortesque gets another chance at proving himself a true hero.

Our hapless hero lost his lower jaw when he died, so he can only grunt. In conversations with other characters, he has only a few barely intelligibly lines and if it weren't for the subtitles, we would have no idea what he is saying.

The Bad
My main frustrations stemmed from control and camera issues, leading to numerous deaths.

The camera angles occasionally obscured hazards, resulting in unintentional falls or unseen enemies chipping away at my health. Abrupt camera shifts sometimes caused disorientation, leading to fatal missteps. During the final boss battle, the camera's erratic behavior exacerbated the challenge, making it feel like I was battling the camera more than the boss itself.

The precision of both digital and analog inputs on the PlayStation controller felt lacking. While manageable in most situations, it became a major hindrance during sequences requiring consecutive precise jumps.

Opt for the English version over the German one for a better experience, as the latter suffers from subpar voice acting and discrepancies between spoken lines and subtitles.

The Bottom Line
MediEvil remains a standout title on the original PlayStation. With its lovable protagonist, engaging gameplay, and enduring artistry, it's a must-play for fans of the era. Despite occasional control and camera frustrations, its charm and gameplay diversity shine through, making it a timeless classic.

PlayStation · by Operation Hot Zone Kill (15) · 2024



MediEvil originally had less weapons, no shields and no life bottles. Dan head tokens were used instead of life bottles.

The game also had three levels cut from the original version: Dragon Chase, The Train Ride and a level involving Morten the Earthworm.

Differences between PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J

In the NTSC version, on the Scarecrow Fields level you cannot attack or set aflame the huts.

In the NTSC-J version, the dragon armour drains your health while equipped.

In the NTSC-J version, you have a helmet, though it only serves as a cosmetic item.

In the NTSC-J version, all FMVs and loading screens appear showing/depicting Sir Daniel Fortesque wearing the helmet.

In the NTSC-J version, various new loading screens depicting the other heroes from the Hall of Heroes appear.

In the NTSC-J version, the Pumpkin King boss found in the level The Pumpkin Serpent, regenerates health.

In the NTSC-J version, the skull chests release a red bomb rather than indigo and also the shock wave is pink instead of yellow.

In the NTSC-J version, lightning can be bought (after unlocking) for 25% recharge every 150 gold pieces rather than being limited in the PAL and NTSC versions.


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