Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

aka: Invictus: Im Schatten des Olymp, Invictus: W Cieniu Olimpu
Moby ID: 4685

Windows credits (2000)

89 people with 93 credits.


Programming Lead
Technology Programming
AI Programming
Game Programming
Engine Programming
Art Direction
Concept Design
Scenario Design
Scenario Scripting
Movie Writing

Interplay USA

V.P. of Product Development
14 East Division Head
Art Director
Lead Artist
3D Artists
Map Art
Interface Art
Hero Portraits
Marketing Manager
Public Relations
Traffic Manager

Quality Assurance

QA Director
QA Managers
QA Project Supervisor
QA Senior Tester
QA Testers
QA Compatibility Manager
QA Compatibility Technicians


Sound Design
Mastering and VO Editing
Additional Mastering
Audio Scripting
VO Direction/Casting
VO Talent
Audio Administrator
Mixed at Interplay by

Interplay Europe

Senior Producer
Assistant Producer
Product Manager
International Co-ordinator
QA Manager
  • A Creative Experiences
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Credits contributed by Jony Shahar.