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Gray Matter

aka: Gray Matter: Dread Hill House, Gray Matter: What if REALITY was just an ILLUSION?, Project Jane-J
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Windows credits (2010)

247 people (222 professional roles, 25 thanks) with 270 credits.

dtp entertainment AG (Publisher)

Development Director
Marketing Director
Product Managers
International Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Senior PR Manager
Community & Content Manager
Senior Marketing Manager
Art Director Packaging and Manual
Graphic Design Packaging and Manual
QA Manager
QA Resource Manager
Lead Tester
Xbox 360 Compliance Testers
Closed Beta Testers
Legal Advice
Special Thanks To
Very Special Thanks to

Rocketbox Studios GmbH (Character Art & Motion Capture Animation)

Project Lead
3D Artists
Character Animators
Motion Capture Performers

3D Brigade (Motion Capture Animation & Background Art)

3D Artists

DAMI Digital (Background Art & Props)

Project Lead
3D Artists
Graphics Artists

Original Force 3D (Background Art)

Team Leader
3D Artists

Cranberry Production (3D Props & Animations)

Project Manager
3D Artist

Nicolas Pétrimaux (Cutscene Art)

Project Lead
Graphic Artist
Cutscene Art

Phuong Hoang ENIX (Cutscene Art)

Project Lead
Assistent Project Lead
Lead Artist
Graphic Artists

ClockStone Studio (Cutscene Art)

Project Lead
Graphic Artists

Music & Sound Effects

"The Scarlet Furies" Music
"Never Going Back There" (Sam's theme)
"Same in Arms" (vocal and non-vocal version)
"To Forgive or to Forget" (David's theme) (vocal and non-vocal version)

Periscope Studio (Music Production, Sound Design & Sound Effects)

Composition & Art Direction & Mixing & Mastering
Foley Editor
Sound Design & Effects

Voice Recordings

Voice Director
Additional Voice Director

wortproduktion | rainproductions (Recording Studio)

Project Management & Casting
Recording, Editing & Post Production
Samantha Everett
Dr. David Styles
Voice Talents

Viva Media

Executive Director
Sales and Marketing
Graphic and Print Design
Quality Assurance

Game Design

Story by
Dialogues by
Characters by
Game Design by

Wizarbox (Development)

Project Lead
Project Lead Assistant
Lead Game Designer
Game Designers
Art Directors
Concept Artists
3D Artists
Additional Artists
Engine and Tools
Additional Development
Game Scripting
QA Testing
Additional Testing
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Credits contributed by Klaster_1, Klaus Maier, Jeanne, Simo Sakari Aaltonen.