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Rambo III

aka: Stallone Rambo III

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Rambo's mission is set deep in Afghanistan, in the days when the Soviets occupied it, and America was putting this right (we won't mention who they enlisted to do so). Colonel Trautman has been kidnapped by the Soviets, and Rambo is going in to rescue him. Doing so is a three-part operation approximately following the plot of the film.

In the first part, Rambo will explore the building Trautman could be in, through a top-down view. It is heavily protected by infrared security beams, which when activated unleash the enemies. The locations of the beams are only apparent by collecting special goggles. Other hazards include mines, trapdoors and booby-trapped doors, but there are enhanced weapons to collect.

Section two is identical to the first, except that it is located outside, the enemies are onto Rambo from the start, and there are no traps. The final section changes to an Operation Wolf-style shoot 'em up, with a horde of tanks, foot soldiers and helicopters to face. Rambo's gun can jam, which adds to the challenge of finally getting out alive.

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Atari 8-bit "port"

In the late 1980's, certain software pirates in Poland sold a fake Atari 8-bit version of Rambo. The supposed "game" consisted solely of a screen that asked the hopeful player to "enter password"—of course, no matter what was entered, nothing would happen. In the November 1988 issue of the magazine "Bajtek", an unfortunate player asks for help with the "game" (p. 19 — translation follows):

I'm in trouble, because I don't know the code to run the Atari XL version of the game "RAMBO". I've typed in almost half of the Polish-English dictionary, with no effect.

(Source: Bartłomiej Kluska, Bajty Polskie edition 2.0 (2014), p. 51)

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