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Mega Man Battle Network

aka: Battle Network RockmanEXE, MMBN

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In the future, a young net-battler named Lan, boots his 'personal information terminal'(PET) and prepares to hack into the network to battle net crime. Lan's PET is no ordinary network navigator. It is Mega Man.EXE, the cyber-identity, which infiltrates the crime-ridden network to battle destructive computer viruses. Defeat viruses in real time and collect Battle Chips program data, containing valuable weapons data and critical system info. Collect over 175 Battle Chips to help Netto and Mega Man.EXE restore peace and order to the network.


  • バトルネットワーク ロックマンエグゼ - Japanese spelling

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  • Hanshaw Ink & Image
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  • Gary Blake (Creative Advertising & Printing Ltd)
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Copy protection

If you attempt to play Mega Man Battle Network using an emulator, you won't be able to proceed through the school networks to fight the Navi Boss, because the ID for the final door leading to him is generated by the cartridge itself. A ROM can't generate the password, so you're stuck if you try to play this game on an emulator.


As is typical in most translations of Japanese games (and especially with the Mega Man/Rockman games), a lot of character names were changed. Here's a few of the name changes (Japanese originals in paranthesis):

Lan Hikari (Netto Hikari), Mayl (Meiru Sakurai), Dex (Dekao Oyama), Yai (Yaito), Dr. Hikari (Yuuichirou Hikari), Mrs. Hikari (Haruka Hikari), Ms. Mari (Mariko-sensei), Mr. Higsby (Higure-sensei), Ms. Yuri (Yuriko-sensei), Sal (Saroma), Miyu (Miyuki Kuroi), Mr. Match (Hino-ken), Count Zapp (Count Elec), Madd (Madoi Iroaya), Yahoot (Mahanijarama), Eugene Chaud (Enzan Ijyuuin), and Dr. Froid (Seiji Hikawa).


  • Head for Meiru's house and look in her bedroom for a Servbot (from Mega Man Legends) sitting on a shelf.
  • Check out Higure's Chip Shop. A poster of Vile (from Mega Man X) is hung up behind the counter.
  • Dekao's got a small picture of Tron Bonne and her Serbots (again from Mega Man Legends) in his room, as well as a GameCube.
  • In some of the MetroLine stations, you may find a poster featuring BirdBots from Mega Man Legends 2).
  • Netto has a poster of Duo (from Mega Man 8) in his bedroom.

Net Navis

Most of the Net Navis are based on characters from other Mega Man games ("classic series" refers to the original eight games that began on the NES): * Roll.EXE: In the classic Mega Man series, Roll was Mega Man's little sister. In the Legends/Dash series, that Roll is Rock's best friend. * GutsMan.EXE: Modeled after Guts Man from the classic series (Mega Man and Mega Man 7). * Blues/ProtoMan.EXE: Modeled after Mega Man's brother from the classic series, right down to the visor! (Mega Man 3 onward). * Glyde.EXE: Glyde's name was taken from the pirate captain Glyde from Mega Man Legends 2. * SharkMan.EXE: Taken from Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting. * MagicMan.EXE: Taken from Mega Man & Bass. * Forte/Bass.EXE: Modeled after Mega Man's fiercest rival from the classic series.

TV series

As of March 2002, an anime series based on RockmanEXE began running on the Japanese television station TV Tokyo. The animation for the series was done by Capcom's own in-house animation studio, Xebec, along with several members of Capcom's staff (as well as the author/illustrator for a RockmanEXE manga series that ran in the Japanese manga magazine Koro Koro) writing the stories for each episode. It ended in 2006 after five seasons.

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