Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969

aka: GTA: London 69, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969
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Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 is an official expansion pack to Grand Theft Auto. Instead of the fictional interpretations of New York, Miami and Los Angeles of the original, this game opens up the city of London to the player. The game features thirty new vehicles, new graphics and thirty-two new missions; all in a distinctly British theme. The new city contains many familiar landmarks from London in the late 60s as well as other cultural reference and Cockney slang. This time the player can choose the avatar's appearance, otherwise gameplay has not been changed from the original game. The player still is involved in organized crime and must perform a variety of criminal activities.


  • 俠盜獵車手:倫敦1969 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Executive Producer
Lead Programmer
Technical Director
Mission Design
Additional Design
Map Design
Sound Director
Cutscenes and Additional Art
Screenplay by
Director of Sound Production
Associate Producer
Packaging and Front End Design
Music researched and compiled by
Additional Music researched by
Emergency Services Consultant
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Average score: 73% (based on 32 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 52 ratings with 5 reviews)

So what do they call Grand Theft Auto in the UK?

The Good
I loved playing the original Grand Theft Auto and thought I might give the mission pack for it a try. The game mechanics are the same between the two, so I had no problems getting used to it. There are a few differences, with the major one being the setting. Instead of three different cities, the game is set in one big one.

The game places you in London in the year 1969, and this is evident by the look of the buildings as well as the vehicles driving around you. This setting is further enhanced by a James Bond-like character and the use of Cockney slang. One of my favorite speeches throughout the game is "Oi! Stop right there!"

There are about thirty-two missions in the game, but most of them consist of driving from Point A to Point B. These missions happen to be my favorites. I don't approve of going on missions that you have a certain time limit to complete, bumping into cars along the way. When I am on foot, bumping into people produces funny responses.

There are 30 new vehicles you can drive, including the Jug Swingler (the one that has the UK flag plastered all over it). Some vehicles are really fast and some are average. The really fast ones are well suited for missions that have a time limit. I enjoyed most of the British radio stations. Most of them provide easy listening music while you are on your way to your destination/

GTA1969 comes shipped with a map of London, and you can use it to work out the best way to get to your destination. Looking at this map, it's nice to see that it points to different landmarks like Hyde Park, Tower of London, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. Plus, there's still the usual bomb shops and spray shops.

There are cut-scenes you can view between chapters, and they have the same quality as those in GTA. The people you meet have British accents, and they are a lot friendly than their American counterparts.

The Bad
GTA1969 uses the same engine as the original, so that means you can't save between missions, only between chapters. Also like the original game, when you are on a timed mission, the time is displayed on a pager. When information happens to scroll across the pager, it overwrites the timer, making it hard for you to determine how many seconds you have remaining.

The Bottom Line
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 is the first and only mission pack released for the PlayStation. All the graphics and sounds are modified to reflect the era, and the game appears much shorter. You can drive around the city and pass landmarks dotted on the map. You can still steal cars and go on killing sprees, but prepare to be apprehended by police. There are some nice cut-scenes in this game also. The major annoyance this game has is the inability to save between missions, but that gets rectified in future GTA games, not just by the usual way.

PlayStation · by Katakis | カタキス (43091) · 2012

Not much different from original

The Good
This game has some really cool cars and stuff. The sound is a tad bit better than the originaal.

The Bad
This game has the EXACT same gameplay and character sketches as the original gta. The weapons were exactly the same. The only things that were differnt were what side of the road you drive in and what side of the car you get into from.

The Bottom Line

DOS · by Amirooo Aliooo (14) · 2001

The best Geezer beater since the Mitchell brothers...

The Good
GTA London's undeniable coarseness made it one the best GTA games I have ever played, with it's range of missions, colourful language and ease of use, I would give a copy of this game to every pre-schooler in the world.

The Bad
The rather shady graphics that unfortunatley let this otherwise flawless game down. I was as pleased as punch to see GTA 3 in 3D making the people bashing even better.

The Bottom Line
A funny, wild, unusual game that is more fun that you can shake a stick at.

DOS · by Fos (12) · 2002

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German version

When playing the game with German language settings, four of the protagonists (Mick Casey, Winston Henry, Wolfie Vilans and Johnny Hawthorn) can't be chosen.


One of the most prominent parts of the game is the soundtrack which features beat, psych and reggae tracks. However, the credits section doesn't have any info on who composed the music. This music mostly consists of tracks from Italian cinema of late 60s to early 70s, including infamous spaghetti westerns, spy thrillers and exploitation films, e.g. Teresa la ladra, Una sull'altra or Your turn To Die. Many of the compositions are created by noted movie composers Alessandro Alessandroni, Francesco De Masi and Riz Ortolani.

The complete track list: 1. Liquidator - Harry J. Allstars 2. Return of Django - The Upsetters 3. Dollar in The Teeth - The Upsetters 4. Skinhead Moonstomp - Symarip 5. 28 Minuti. Seq. 4 - taken from i28 Minuti Per 3 Millioni Di Dollari 6. Seq 3 - taken from iLe Malize Di Venerei 7. Seq 4 - taken from iLe Malize Di Venerei 8. Seq 6 - taken from iLe Malize Di Venerei 9. Beat Fuga Shake - composed by Rix Ortolani 10. Hot Camera Shake - composed by Francesco De Masi-Alessandro Alessandroni 11. L'Uomo Che Sapra - Guilla De Muttis (composed by Francesco De Masi-Alessandro Alessandroni) 12. Tema Di Londra - composed by Francesco De Masi-Alessandro Alessandroni 13. The Roaring 20's - Riz Ortolani 14. Teresa Lillusa' - Riz Ortolani 15. Tiffany Sequence M. 8 - Riz Ortolani 16. Tiffany Sequence M. 22 - Riz Ortolani 17. Saturday Nite at Dirty McNasty's - Chris Sears, Jim Browski, Dr. Gilo Allen, Duncan 'limpdick' Scott 18. BOOK 'EM (Murder One) - Chris Sears, Jim Browski, Dr. Gilo Allen, Duncan 'limpdick' Scott 19. Austin Allegro Drag Race - Chris Sears, Jim Browski, Dr. Gilo Allen, Duncan 'limpdick' Scott 20. GTA POMP - Charlie Clarke, JL, Sarah Daly, Paul Powell 21. GTA SPY - Charlie Clarke, JL, Sarah Daly, Paul Powell


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