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In the 27th century, centuries of peace have allowed great scientific progress in the development of the first interstellar warp drive. Two research ships, designated Explorer-1 and Explorer-2, are outfitted with experimental drives and sent to find new planets for colonization. Only Explorer-2 returns back to Earth. Refitted as a colony vessel, Explorer-2 is once again ready to embark when the peace is disrupted. A planet-wide rebellion stages a coup and overthrows the government. The Explorer-2, crewed by a loyalist space crew, barely escapes and leaves the solar system. Years later, the Explorer-2 arrives damaged at it's destination and a colony is set up, naming it New Earth. After many generations, the colony is self-sufficient enough to develop a mission: Explore nearby space, research new technologies, harvest resources, develop a space fleet and eventually... reconquer and reunify with the Earth.

Reunion is a strategy game where players must manage the resources and development of a colony. From a central command area, players select from among different menus to control different aspects of the colony. Many of these menus also need the appropriate personnel in charge (commanders), whose skills and price tag vary. Typical menus include: The research screen where specific areas are selected, the production/buy menu which turns resources into goods, the colony building menu where construction can be scheduled and the colony's facilities managed, the galactic map where new planets are chosen for a closer look, and eventually colonization. Players can also consult with their commanders or go to "space local", the nearby bar for all the gossip. In order to produce new material, the player has six different minerals to mine and discover on various planets in the solar system.


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Average score: 72% (based on 17 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 19 ratings with 3 reviews)

A great classic indeed.

The Good
Everything - this game is one of the best I played! It features an amazing introduction sequence, a storyline I find captivating and worthy, great graphics, amazing music (Steal the Sky by Krisztián Környei is one of my favorite modules) and excellent gameplay. An interesting blend of resource management, colony construction, space combat and adventure make this game a memorable experience indeed.

The Bad
Well, for one, the CD-ROM version of the game is exactly the same as the floppy, which is unfortunate, and second - it's hard! Really hard! I never did manage to complete the game.

The Bottom Line
A great, underrated game, one of my favorites ever.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999

Stands out in every bit of it.

The Good
This game sets standard for every space sim strategy game that we have known until now. From the ability to interact with other races in solar system, upgrading your arsenal, manages your economics, or defending your home planet,not to mention the ability to view the space battles, there are so much that this game can offer.

The Bad
Why Reunion 2 didn't come into the shelves? So addicting, it made me sitting hours by hours in front of my computer.

The Bottom Line
I am a hardcore gamer. I played this game when i was 8th grade. My 1st impression was, during the day when there were many limit on making ' eye candy' graphics, this game stood out as a winner in every way. A must have for every space sim strategy gamer!

DOS · by Tom Vierce (1) · 2008

Wonderful game, very addictive !

The Good
The graphics are good, you choose your own path. The game has many different sides; build, think, explore, research, war ! It has every aspect a game should have. The game has a nice GUI, it is VERY addictive, I just HAD to finish it..

The Bad
Well, first of all, the load and save button should be switched :) Since you have to do the game "right", if you make a mistake in the beginning you end up regretting it in the end, I saved-and-loaded , a LOT... Anyway, the buttons should be switched, i ended up loading my game instead of saving it, sometimes, which is VERY annoying;), okay my own fault but you click it that easy:) no confirmation or anything:)

Actually, there are no things that i didn't like about the game itself, except your commanders .. they simply SUCK ... all they have to say is "Get more products", "We need more money", "You need to build a satellite, if you wish to explore other planets".. erhm .. DUH ! :)

Also i think it sucks , the aliens can only contact you, you should be able to contact them as well.. I ended up fighting some race which i hadn't even spoken to yet:)

Oneother bad aspect about the game is it's annoying me all the time about building a new hospital .. you keep on building new ones, even on New-Earth i had about 5 hospitals (!) and they kept annoying me to build more;) ... Also i think they might just have to speed up the building a bit.. it takes way to long to build ships/troopers and stuff..

The Bottom Line
You begin in your 'space station', choose some commanders, and start working! First of all, you HAVE to read the manual while playing .. if you don't you'll regret it, because you most probably are going to have to restart the whole game ;)

Good.. you start reading the manual, find out some stuff, and start building on your home planet, soon, you discover an alien race .. on planet Jade .. they contact you.. choose your own path .. declare a war to them, or make peace , help each other .. get new research data (I suggest make peace to them, they get destroyed anyway:)

Well, as soon as you discover your controls, the game really starts to get interresting, exploring new galaxies, new planets .. building new colonizations, meeting new alien races .. From this point, you're already addicted to it..

The game includes nice graphics, long gameplay, cool wars, unexpecting aspects...

This is the best DOS game i have EVER played, I do not suggest playing it though, if you haven't got many time.. It is VERY addictive ;)

Try it, read the manual and play the game ... Thank me later :)

Buy it !

DOS · by ^SANEX! (2) · 2001


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