Prophecy of the Shadow

aka: Merchant's Quest
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A long foretold prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The Shadow Lords are on the verge of entering our world. The hero has to find a way to break the string of events, that are foretold by the prophecy. Magic is dying in the land, and the use of it is illegal -- practitioners are hunted by Mage Hunters. And worst of all, the hero's master was treacherously killed by a poisoned dirk, and the hero is blamed for his death...

Prophecy of the Shadow is a fantasy role-playing game from SSI, published in the "post AD&D" era of the company. The player is controlling a single character in a 2D interface, using an engine specifically designed for this project. The protagonist has three main statistics: strength, magic, and agility (which influences his chances of dodging an enemy attack). In order to cast spells, the hero must learn them from magical tomes found in the game, and equip a catalyst that allows him to use them in combat. The combat takes place in the same area as the exploration, and is real-time: the player must select commands while the enemies are acting. The story is told using still pictures, text, and small animated sequences that used digitized actors superimposed over 3D rendered scenes.

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Credits (DOS version)

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Game Design
Story Creation
Sound Effects
  • Creative Labs
  • Prosonus Creative Sound CD
Associate Producers
Rule Book Author
Rule Book Technical Verfication
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Average score: 68% (based on 6 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 5 ratings with 2 reviews)

One of the worst games SSI has ever published...

The Good
Do I like this game? No. Hahaha.

Honestly, this has got to be one of the most irritating RPG's I've ever played. The only reason why I ever finished this game is that I happened to come across the clue book.

Anyway, the only thing worth mentioning is that this game is probably one pioneer in bringing "live actors" in a game. Each time you meet an important character, you have a cinematic image of him/her for a couple of seconds.

Well, the game itself is your average 3rd Person Perspective game in those days. Up down left right, statistics, the works. Nothing new worth mentioning really.

The Bad
Boy, this game has to have one of the worst story lines ever created by man. I've seen worst but one would expect better ideas from Strategic Simulations Inc. Probably why they went down under.... anyway, as I said the story line is weak. Your master gets killed, you avenge him and end up fulfilling a prophecy that saves the world. Been there done God! What will they think of next? Strange people actually get paid to think up such ideas.

The Bottom Line
If I were to describe this game to others, I'd say Homer Simpson would have better ideas in creating a game...

DOS · by Indra was here (20756) · 2003

Nice presentation, boring story and combat

The Good
This game has very nice VGA graphics. It also might have the first use of live action digitized "video". The interface is solid for the DOS era. That's about all the good things that I can say about it.

The Bad
The story is the standard kill the foozle. The NPCs are interchangeable and repetitive. So the writing isn't going to draw you in.

The combat is neither fun nor strategic. Combat is real time where you just keep mashing the attack button over and over till they're dead. You can use ranged weapons but it's not really any fun either. Their aren't many puzzles, and the ones that are there are too simple.

The character development is pretty simple too for an RPG.

The Bottom Line
It's a single character, real time combat RPG. Think Zelda without the fun combat, good puzzles and charm. Or Diablo without the satisfying character development and treasure hunting. It's not necessarily a bad game. It's just meant to be a beginner level RPG but it ends up being extremely boring.

DOS · by Kevin Garzo (3) · 2009


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