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You are Monty and you are about to attempt to fulfill your life's ambitions, become rich and be a hero. You have the opportunity to rescue a Princess while collecting gold nuggets on the way. The game consists of 40 single screen rooms viewed from above at an elevated angle, and to leave each room you must collect all the gold nuggets scattered around within a time limit, and once all the gold is collected then you can leave by the opened door. Moving around each room are various creatures and if you touch any, then you lose one of five lives, and failing also to complete the room within the time limit also loses a life. The joystick is used to control Monty and once you move him in a direction he keeps moving until he hits an object but he can change direction as he moves. Also to note is that the longer you hold the joystick in a direction the faster Monty moves.



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Monty Python: The game as a whole, makes several allusions to the respective British surreal comedy group, including: * part of the title (Monty). * level 4: Terry Gilliam's iconic illustrated foot which is present in the introduction of the comedy series by the same authors - Monty Python's Flying Circus - appears as a resident enemy of the same level. * level 10 (title): "The Desolate Wastes of Pi-Thon". * level 24 (title): "Something Completely Different". Is a traditional phrase used as a match cut/transitional scene, on the referred comedy series - And Now for Something Completely Different. * Game Over: Terry Gilliam's illustrated pointing hand, also part of the iconic universe of the group, appears here as the pointing hand which pushes "Monty" all over the screen when the game is over.


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