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Battle Shark


The world is at war and battles have moved from the land and the surface of the oceans to underwater but it has been discovered that after many battles and failed peace treaties, a huge heavily armed base, sits on the bottom of the ocean. You are the commander of a submarine and you have been tasked to travel to the base and destroy it before the war is lost.

Battle Shark is a 1st person perspective shooter where you look through a periscope and shoot and destroy as many other submarines and various other crafts and vehicles on your journey to the base. You fire a limited amount of torpedoes at all enemy vehicles, but certain crafts when destroyed will leave behind power-ups which include extra torpedoes, damage repair and upgraded torpedoes. The crafts will fire back at you and when you are hit, this decreases your damage gauge and when it is empty it is game over but you have the opportunity to carry on your game from where you died. The game is split into various levels and at the end of each level a boss appears in the shape of a huge craft or vehicle which needs destroying to move to the next one.


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