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Super Stardust is an Asteroids clone in which you control your Panther PX-2 ship through successive waves of asteroids and other enemies, which are drawn using ray-tracing techniques. The game is polished version of its predecessor - Stardust. Its general gameplay and general ideas remained basically the same but there are some further modifications that made the game a little bit more difficult.

As before there are 30 standard levels split into 5 worlds. Levels can be completed in any order however, you must fight an end-of-level guardian once you have finished the sixth level of a world. At each level, there are standard disintegrating rocks to destroy. Their colour defines their endurance: greys are the easiest to be destroyed while yellows are the hardest. In most of the levels, there are also other enemy ships but there are also some alliance forces providing us with new types of weapons or missiles. In comparison to "Stardust", the occurrence of smaller level bosses is a bit different - the tougher ones appear sooner and the placement of the levels within the worlds was also slightly changed.

Worlds are linked by 4 tunnel levels, which involve shooting or avoiding everything that comes your way. The important change is the introduction of tunnel guardians which has to be defeated in order to complete the section. There are also power-ups during your flight across the tunnel. Two Special Missions made in a "Thrust"-style bonus levels were made a little bit easier mostly due to getting rid of the fuel element and bearing in mind that the game is more difficult, finding the extra lives really serves its purpose.

The game was released also for machines with AGA chipsets. CD32 version contains special in-game cut scenes between worlds and music played directly from audio tracks.

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Amiga reviews

The British magazine Amiga Power was famous for insisting on only reviewing finished games, so when they beat rivals such as Amiga Action to the review by several months, some were surprised. A clue came from the four subheadings used within the review - 'FINISHED', 'SIXTY', 'PERCENT' and 'ONLY' coupled with the verdict "I sailed through 60% of the game" (with no mention of the remainder), as if reviewer Jonathan Nash was staging his own protest.

As it turned out Amiga Power had indeed reviewed an unfinished game, which is now known to have been rare but not totally unheard-of. Incidentally, their sister magazine Amiga Format reviewed it the same month - reviewer Stephen Bradley noted that "our friends at Amiga Power think Super Stardust is rather smart, though perhaps a tad easy over the first three levels. I feel inadequate. I'm having trouble on the second level" so perhaps he simply didn't notice the game wasn't finished. When Amiga Action reviewed it two months later, their subheadings pointedly read simply 'FINISHED' and 'VERSION'.


  • Amiga Joker
    • Issue 02/1996 – #2 Best Action Game in 1995 (Readers' Vote)


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