PHM Pegasus

aka: P.H.M. Pegasus, PHM Pegasus: Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Craft Simulation
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Commodore 64 credits (1987)

15 people (14 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 17 credits.

PHM Pegasus Was Created By The Lucasfilm Games Division
Designer Noah Falstein
Head Programmer Noah Falstein
Programmers On The Apple II and Commodore 64 Versions Lawrence Holland (credited as Larry Holland), Edwin W. Reich Jr. (credited as Edwin Reich)
Artist Ken Macklin
Sounds Designed by Christopher Grigg (credited as Chris Grigg)
Music Designed by Christopher Grigg (credited as Chris Grigg)
Algorithms And Special Program Routines Charlie Kellner, Ron Gilbert, F. Randall Farmer (credited as Randy Farmer)
Logistical And Administrative Support Steve Arnold, Mary Paterno, Nancy Mohler
Special Thanks To George Lucas
Manual By Nicholas Lavroff, Lucas Games Division
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