Fuzion Frenzy

aka: Fuzion Frenzy: Acción y emoción sin límites, Fuzion Frenzy: Non-Stop Party Game Action, Fuzion Frenzy: Pour les fous d'action !
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Fuzion Frenzy is a party game with six arenas and more than 45 different mini-games for up to four players to partake in. Fuzion Frenzy provides real-time play for all players in both the main game and the mini-games, no waiting for your opponent to take their turn.

More features to add replay value include scalable rules for all of the mini-games, secret games to unlock, support for your own custom soundtrack and dynamic environments to change up the levels each time.

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Not for 14 inchers.

The Good
I'm not fond of party games but I wanted to have a bloodless and easy-to-play title in my Xbox library for children paying me a visit. This one does the job at an acceptable price (the cheap Platinum Edition, that is).

You have a choice of 45 minigames to choose from, most of them being a variation on 5 or 6 similar themes. Some are funny, such as the hamburger-eating, bug-smashing episode. Some are excellent for multi-player gaming, such as the sumo game. Some are less interesting, but you'll have to sort them out. The learning curve is small, and just a few of the controller's buttons are used.

I found the music entertaining, but it's limited. You can use your personal soundtracks if you get tired of it.

The Bad
Release titles are not always bad. But this one could have been polished some more. Graphically-wise, it does not show a lot of the capacities of the Xbox, except for a few of the minigames and then some.

There is no instant replay feature, and it could have been a nice to have to settle arguments on how a player won. An instant replay could also be used to set the camera where I want it, like it's done in the introduction video, since normally you're limited to a distant view to include all the small characters on the screen.

Speaking of small characters, I wouldn't want to play this game on a 14-inch TV. Parents beware: don't buy this game if your kids have their console hooked up on a small screen, or else they might experience some eye strain.

The Bottom Line
Nice to have if you need a permanent party title in your collection. The Platinum Edition is much cheaper than the original release price, so it's not a rip-off. Otherwise if you need it for just one occasion, just rent it .

Xbox · by Olivier Masse (443) · 2003

A good game to get the family playing together.

The Good
Fuzion Frenzy has dozens of mini games, enough so that regardless of skill level there is something for every member of a family. My personal favorites are the ones involving the cage, which harken back to the old game Marble Madness. The tank levels are also good, giving a Combat feel to the game levels they are used on. The controls vary from straightforward digital type response (in the tank games, you push you go) to a very nice analog effect (in the ball and running games, speed is directly affected by the throw of the joystick). The real joy comes not from the games themselves, but from playing with friends and family. The first time I got pushed off the couch by a child leaning over to keep from falling off a platform, I realized this game had potential. We have a diverse group, from my son who games as often as he breathes, to my wife who sees games as a waste of time. With four controllers, we got the whole family going for hours, and each one of us has a game or two we excel at. For me, that is an accomplishment worthy of the asking price.

The Bad
The game is not without flaws, however. The games are all timed, and they tend to be on a short fuse, so you have to keep playing new rounds to get into them. Which brings up the next point, the load screens. When you start a game, you get a little flyby animation of the field, and then a countdown draws on screen for three seconds. Unfortunately, the countdown is used every time, regardless of whether you are starting a new game or just replaying the same game. It is amazing how long three seconds is when you want to get back to gaming. The last issue is with the camera work. Granted, they needed to make it possible to see everyone at once, but oftentimes the camera has to zoom out to such a point that the characters a reduced to miniature figures in motion. The color helps with keeping track, but I think smaller arenas would have reduced the zoom to a more visible level, at least on my 32 inch TV. Perhaps they were thinking big screen when they designed it.

The Bottom Line
Still and all, this game managed to bring the family together for some fun gaming. I would heartily recommend it to you if you need a game to convince someone to let you put the Xbox in the living room, or if you want a game you can play with your kids/parents.

Xbox · by PCGameGuy (48) · 2003


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