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aka: Landstalker: Die Schätze von König Nolo, Landstalker: Kōtei no Zaihō, Landstalker: Le Trésor du Roi Nole, Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

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An experienced treasure hunter named Nigel is on a quest to obtain the valuable Statue of Jypta. After successfully recovering and selling the statue, Nigel meets wood nymph named Friday, who is being chased by a trio of thieves. The thieves assume that Friday knows the location of the mysterious treasure of King Nole. However, she does not appear to have the exact location in mind, and instead relies on her senses to track it. She offers Nigel to accompany him on a long journey and eventually lead him to the coveted treasure.

Landstalker is an isometric action game with platforming, puzzle-solving, and light role-playing elements. Much of the game is spent in dungeon-like hostile areas, where Nigel must often fight enemies, jump, climb ladders and ropes, and throw objects to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Nigel can acquire better weapons and armor, as well as items that permanently increase his hit points and strength. In towns it is possible to talk to non-player characters and buy items in shops. There are optional quests in the game, which may reward the player with attribute-increasing items.


  • ランドストーカー ~皇帝の財宝~ - Japanese spelling
  • 랜드 스토커 - Korean spelling

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Chief Map Designer
First Unit Map Designer
Second Unit Map Designer
Third Unit Map Designer
Map Assistant
Chief CG Designer
First Unit CG Designer
Second Unit CG Designer
Third Unit CG Designer
Monster OBJ CG Designer
People OBJ CG Designer
Item OBJ CG Designer
CG Data Control Director
Chief Programmer
Talk Unit Programmer
Window Unit Programmer
3-D Graphic Tool Programmer
Logic Tool Programmer
Compress Tool Programmer
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It was originally going to be part of the Shining series, and was to be called Shining Rogue. When Climax and Sega split, the game was retitled.

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