aka: Landstalker: Die Schätze von König Nolo, Landstalker: Kōtei no Zaihō, Landstalker: Le Trésor du Roi Nole, Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole
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An experienced treasure hunter named Nigel is on a quest to obtain the valuable Statue of Jypta. After successfully recovering and selling the statue, Nigel meets wood nymph named Friday, who is being chased by a trio of thieves. The thieves assume that Friday knows the location of the mysterious treasure of King Nole. However, she does not appear to have the exact location in mind, and instead relies on her senses to track it. She offers Nigel to accompany him on a long journey and eventually lead him to the coveted treasure.

Landstalker is an isometric action game with platforming, puzzle-solving, and light role-playing elements. Much of the game is spent in dungeon-like hostile areas, where Nigel must often fight enemies, jump, climb ladders and ropes, and throw objects to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Nigel can acquire better weapons and armor, as well as items that permanently increase his hit points and strength. In towns it is possible to talk to non-player characters and buy items in shops. There are optional quests in the game, which may reward the player with attribute-increasing items.


  • ランドストーカー ~皇帝の財宝~ - Japanese spelling
  • 랜드 스토커 - Korean spelling

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Average score: 88% (based on 25 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings with 5 reviews)

A game that carries you from beginning to end

The Good
Ever played a game you just cant put down? One that feels like Christmas everytime you hit the switch and flick on the screen? Seamless storyline, fun and humour and a villan or two. What more could you want.

The Bad
Theres only a small negative to this game. There hasnt been a Landstalker 2, 3, 4.... why not? It sold incredibly well. So come on Climax drag the Elf out of the dusty old box and throw him back on the shelf.

The Bottom Line
There is no stopping this game. From its release to present day, as a non stop gamer, I still havent played a better game. The story line is entertaining and flows from one small village to the next. Game makers these days seemed to be so impressed with their own graphics and sound effects that they forget a simple truth. An interactive story will always hold a player longer than a crash bash beat em up. How many of you gamers clock a game and never pick it up again. Once youve learned the moves and hammered a few players the game loses its grip on you. Landstalker isnt like that.Its simple, easy to follow but with some degree of difficulty. Theres still things I have discovered in this 10 year old game that still dont appear on cheat sites. So to be brutally honest i'd say there isnt a game on the shelf today that gripped me the way this one did ten years ago. Wanna go without sleep for a week? Play it.

Genesis · by kurikthebasher (4) · 2003

Nigel could take Link any day of the week...

The Good
Landstalker, was yet another great RPG for the Genesis demonstrating quality of quantity. From Climax, the same talented individuals who gave us “Shining In The Darkness”, and “Shining Force”. Landstalker is an action RPG in the same vein as Zelda. Yet what Zelda did Landstalker simply did better.

The plot involves Nigel, The Landstalker, an elf, whom has little care for world affairs or princesses whom can’t stay out of trouble. When Nigel meets Friday a nymph,(Hmm Link later had a similar companion only she was just annoying.) who tells him she knows the location of King Nole’s treasures he and she embark on a quest to find the legendary stash. The quest takes them to Mercator Island, where monsters, traps, and puzzles await, and if you are good enough Nole’s treasures. The story is presented well, and unfolds at an acceptable pace. With many memorable characters surpasses anything Zelda ever could offer.

The Graphics are presented in a isometric view, which takes a little getting used to. The Sprites are big, and colorful and give the game a very unique look, which was clearly the inspiration for Treasure’s “Light Crusader”.

The Sound/Music are excellent, in fact Landstalker’s score is so good I searched for the soundtrack to no avail for a long time. Very memorable tunes. The sound effects are all good as well except maybe the enemy death cries that gets old, but the incredible music outweighs this complaint.

The Gameplay is challenging in a good way. And after the initial learning curve you will be well adjusted to take on the games many challenges. The puzzles to are well designed, there are not that many true, but the Crypt will test your logic, as well as your skill with the blade. Aside from the main plot, there are plenty of side missions and mini games to partake in. Such as collecting all the magic swords, and playing games in the Casino. The packs about 30 hours the first play through, and you will likely want to play again. I can now finish the game in about 15 hours.

The Bad
Some may find the game to be too hard, and yet if you give it time you find that really it is not all that difficult.

The Bottom Line
Anyone who likes Zelda should seek this one out, who knows they may prefer this. Fans of old-school RPGS should also seek this one out. You can purchase this game very cheaply, thought you may have trouble finding it complete.

Genesis · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006

Still one of the best ever

The Good
Well the graphics and animation are excellent, even today. I think isometric perspective is great. Most of the outdoors is green, but I think it's one of the best overworlds ever, very pleasing to just explore. The dungeons are great too, the puzzles challenging, but fun. And the story and characters are very good. It's not a "save the world from damnation" type plot, though there is some threat to the security of the continent the game is set in. The game is mainly about Nigel and Friday's odd partnership and their quest for treasure and adventure.

The Bad
To be fair, the game is crude in some areas e.g the crude animation of landing a hit on or defeating an enemy. I can live with that, but some might not find it so acceptable. Jumping between platforms in isometry is a big challenge and source of frustration, but I think it's worth the effort.

The Bottom Line
Well I'd certainly recommend this game to people who like exploring attractive overworlds. On one hand, the difficulty of navigating an isometric world might hurt people's enjoyment, but on the other hand, the isometric view makes the world look and feel better.

The game is cute and pretty family friendly, except for odd bit of "mature" humor. The characters are fun and lovable. I think Nigel and Friday are like partners, despite the name "Friday" suggesting that she is his "Girl Friday". Well she's his "Girl Friday" and his "Tinker bell". She also treats Nigel like a boyfriend or little brother.

Genesis · by Andrew Fisher (697) · 2017

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It was originally going to be part of the Shining series, and was to be called Shining Rogue. When Climax and Sega split, the game was retitled.


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