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ToeJam & Earl

aka: TJ&E
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Genesis Specs
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Toejam and Earl are two hip aliens from the planet Funkotron. One day, they are cruisin' their galaxy in the sweet spaceship ride. Unfortunately, Earl wasn't paying enough attention to where he was driving, and ran the ship into an asteroid. The ship crash landed onto the most bizarre planet in the galaxy: Earth.

Toejam and Earl must travel from level to level on Earth and collect the 10 scattered pieces of the ship. But the various Earthlings, such as Nerd Herds, Giant Hamsters, Phantom Ice Cream Trucks and the Bogeyman will make that difficult.

The power up items that TJ and E can pick up come in the form of wrapped presents. You never really know what a power up is until you open it. What's more, randomized levels and item locations make it a different game every time.

The game features a dynamic screen splitting - screen joining 2-player mode. Players start the game close to each other. If one gets away from the other, the screen vertically splits to allow each player to move freely. When players are close again, the screens join together to become one single screen.


  • トージャム&アール - Japanese spelling
  • 홀이와 뚱이 - Korean spelling

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Credits (Genesis version)

11 People (9 developers, 2 thanks)

Game Design
Game Program
Additional Programming
Music Direction
Music Composition
Sound FX
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Character Design (uncredited)



Average score: 80% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 66 ratings with 8 reviews)

All Funked Up!

The Good
In Toejam and Earl you play two aliens named… Toejam and Earl who are heading home to Funkatron and when Toejam lets Earl drive they crash on Earth and you have to find your ship pieces while avoiding the Earthlings ranging from Hula girls, shopping cart ladies, fat men with lawnmower’s and the boogieman the world is random so you never play the same game twice and you can choose between Toejam or Earl or play two player you can get the humans off your back by using presents that Santa leaves each level has a elevator you have to get some levels have a ship piece when you enter said stage the game tells you there is and they spread throughout the 25 stages.

The graphics are pretty good with a far out view which lets you see alot of the environment and what enemies are near you can also purchase presents from mailboxes scattered though the levels but some are really mailbox monsters so watch out!

The Bad
With the lack of the ability to save it makes getting through the 25 stages cumbersome in one sitting specially since there is a annoying “enemy” a tornado which can throw you down to the next level which can be tedious to go back up just to fall again.

The Bottom Line
While this game is now hard to find it is worth the time looking for it as it is a highly enjoyable Genesis title with game like this its no wonder the Genesis won the console wars.

Genesis · by Classic Nigel (108) · 2006

Can I Drive?

The Good
It all started with this... Earl, TOejam longtime pal, wants a shot in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, this leads to disaster, and FUN! Their mistake is our pleasure. I grew up with Genesis, so I played all these types like Sonic and Vectorman... (etc.) and probably the best game EVER to hit the system was the TJ & E series. One of my favorite things was the split screen. It made it possible for TJ and Earl to be in different places at once, not what you get in Sonic the Hedgehog! Tails was basically useless in the early Sonic games. It took me until just the other dat to finally beat it, I had re-discovered Genesis at a game store somewhere and bought it. Then, played the whole way through barely winning on Lvl. 25... It rocks! There is a sequel to this game, and I wish Sega would make a handheld, like Gameboy, and re-release all the old Genesis games with new twists and surprises. If Nintendo can do it with Gameboy (e.g. Mario Series [Super Mario Advance was Super Mario Bros. 2]) why can't Sega? People say Sega is dead, but it lives on in many people's dreams.

The Bad
When you would fall off a cliff, the game would freeze for a minute or two, but, not a problem really.. Game could have been a tad longer like TJ & E 2....

The Bottom Line
A must have for people who live in the past and LOVE games like that!

Genesis · by brandon kasper (2) · 2005


The Good
As far as Mega Drive games go, Toejam & Earl is the cream of the crop. The premise is simple. Toejam & Earl have crashed landed on a forbidden planet that goes by the name of Earth You must control TJ & E in either one or two player mode & find the broken bits of TJ & E's rocket ship and get back home. This is done by looking across a couple of dozen levels of Earth, just avoid those pesky humans if you can.

In TJ & E the world is like a wedding cake, it's stacked vertically. To progress from level (literally) to the next you use an elevator. This is ingenious as if you miss something vital you just drop off the current level to fall back to the previous one.

This is one of the most creative & playable games made in the last 20 years. It works best in two player mode but can be fun played solo. The whole idea is made for the two player mode though and the most benefits come from using this mode. You must work together to succeed, an idea that is rarely used in games nowadays.

You have to play the game to fully understand how good this game is as it is more of an experience than a game.

The sounds, graphics & smooth play of the game make it fantastic from start to finish and that coupled with the chance to rob Santa make this a must play title.

The Bad
The fixed world option is a tad lame.

The Bottom Line
Approach with an open mind and play for an hour, you will be hooked.

Genesis · by Liam Dowds (39) · 2003

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