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Dragon Mania is a dragon breeding game, similar to Dragon Story or Monster Legends, where the main objective is freeing imprisoned Hogwin.

The dragons are categorized into three main groups: Basic, Advanced and Greater. Each dragon has one up to three elements among the eleven available (fire, water, metal, wind, plant, earth, energy, void, light, shadow, crystal). The elements relate to immunity, resistance and weaknesses during the battles. The player starts with just four available dragons, which may be purchased at the shop with coins. All the remaining dragons (around 50 in total) can be purchased with gems or be bred by combining of respective dragon pairs. The wealthier and less patient players may spend an appropriate amount of money for purchasing unique dragons or facilities present in the game.

Breeding the dragons includes hatching the egg and feeding the dragon. Feeding increases the number of experience points of the dragon and a level of settlement's happiness. Feeding on each level requires a larger amount of food. The fourth level dragon can go on a date (Breeding Den). Each dragon may reach forty-level experience. The higher level dragon achieves better results in the fight and produces more coins at its habitat.

Settlement structures are divided into three groups: dragon habitats (seven types associated with the elements), buildings (such as farm, breeding den, training arena, dragon lab and other), decorations (influencing the level of of happiness). The player may also purchase the dragons and promotional packs (real money payment). Each of the structure may be purchased with money or gems. The availability depends on the current level of experience. The structures may be expanded, providing more space or more goods. The player can enlarge the settlement by buying new land and removal of trees and boulders

Resources include money (basic currency in the game, obtained from breeding dragons, for winning fights or performing tasks), gems (advanced currency in the game, obtained from winning fights, performing tasks or participation in Facebook events, allowing hurry any production time), food (grown on farm, specific crops provide different amounts of food and are used to level up the dragons), books (obtained from winning fights or performing tasks, used in the dragons lab to learn extra abilities), experience points (obtained from winning fights, performing tasks, breeding the dragons, allowing access to higher level game features).

The dragon duel requires selecting a team. The size of the team depends on the level of happiness. Maximum four dragon team may be supplemented by one hired mercenary from our Facebook friend. Lack of happiness may be reduced thanks to an appropriate amount of gems. The outcome of the struggle is determined by characteristics of the dragons (immunity, resistance, weaknesses, experience level) and the ability to use the meter bar (standard attack, critical attack, miss). Defeating one up to four opponents may be rewarded with money, gems, food, books and experience points. The fights take place on the one of the five castles, dark Viking ships and training arena.

Dragon Mania features achievements, quests and Facebook events. Completing quests help unlocking game features and is awarded with a fair amount of resources.

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