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In Kingdom, a king or queen on horseback strives to raise their kingdom, starting from a simple campfire. The character and terrain are randomly generated at the start of the game and the only available commands are moving right or left and dropping coins. As such, the player can only explore and decide where to spend the coins, being unable to directly interact with the environment or even defend themselves and needing to rely solely on their citizens, which are attracted from the surrounding camps by dropping single coins and then assigned to roles, depending on the available tools and weapons. Any developments require filling a number of coin slots, representing the costs.

While the days are dedicated to exploration and improving and expanding the camp, nights are a matter of survival, monsters attacking and attempting to steal weapons, tools, coins and the crown. Citizens left without weapons will attempt to find replacements and continue to defend, but overwhelming attacks may cause them to run away and return to their own camps, requiring the player to recruit them again if they manage to keep their crown. If this is also lost, however, the game is over and can only be started again from the beginning. Blood moon nights, which also appear randomly, are particularly difficult to survive, as it is then that attacks are the most vicious.

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