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Done excellently, needs better stuff

The Good
First made as a prototype for the seven day FPS Jam, this title had a kickstarter after the prototype and many people crowd funded it, up to two million US dollars. The visual style, which has white and blue (sometimes black and red) all over it. Sometimes it feels like the movie Matrix, most of the time, if you stay still, the time slows down, without a push of a button, if you move, it speeds up. The menu also has the system clock time when you fire it up. After the first few settings, the application gives an "unauthorized access" message and glitches out, then you'll get told by the supplier that the file has been updated. Then, the game becomes tougher. It took me a lot of tries to get some of the levels done. The weapon selection is really nice, raging from your fists (much like Chuck Norris, but without his trademark roundhouse kick), the baseball bat (which breaks after some hits and it's useless), katana (for slicing people up), semi automatic pistols, double barrel shotguns, assault rifles, and so on. To make the player not bored, the developers added an endless mode, which is you trying to kill as many adversaries as you can, a really impossible no restart mode, which is even harder than the standard, and a katana only mode. The audio is done really well, enemies shatter like glass after being killed, guns sound really powerful, and the ambient audio is okay.

The Bad
The progressively hard story mode, which hurts this game for me. I would be very annoyed if it gets harder and harder, but then again, it goes "easy at first, hard later" style.

The Bottom Line
Suprisingly, this is a very good concept and I would recommend it for some people who didn't play it before. Overall, a really good entry to the FPS genre.

Windows · by BlaringCoder (169) · 2016

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