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Race a single computer opponent for first place on a unique racetrack -- 100 feet in the air! You start in the fourth three-man division of a league, all racing each other twice, and must come top to progress. The action is viewed from within the car throughout the 3-lap races, with the distance between you always on screen.

Jump chasms, jumps, and drawbridges; take banks hard or slow; pass your opponent on the track or while catching mass air. Your car has the ability to burn a limited amount of turbo boost fuel as a way to accelerate faster and achieve higher speeds, but don't use it all up at once or you'll fall behind. Don't damage your engine too much; severe dents will show up during your next race.

Whatever you do, don't fall off the track, as this will cost you time as you are placed back on.


  • טורבו - המירוץ בגבהים - Hewbrew spelling

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Average score: 85% (based on 31 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 68 ratings with 1 reviews)

Brilliant technical presentation on modest hardware.

The Good
Stunt Track Racer has such a simple premise and gameplay concept that I'm not quite sure how to review it. For those not familiar with the game, you essentially race around on a race track 100 feet off the ground in a car that can turbo-boost it's way off jumps and around turns. It doesn't sound that interesting written down, but playing the game immediately changes your mind: Your car bounces around the track at high speed. There are jumps, drawbridges, and devilishly-constructed jumps before turns. The physics model can make or break a game like this, and in retrospect it probably shouldn't have been attempted on such a slow machine. But it comes through with flying colors! You really get the feeling that you're up that high, that you're landing that hard, and that you're being thrown into that turn that roughly.

And the graphics are 3D! Simple hidden-wireframe with a filler that cuts corners, yes, but 3D all the same. And with pretty impressive framerates on early slow hardware to boot.

The Bad
Being able to save your game only during the end of a division heat is inconvenient. Also, the car AI seems to always know something you don't--I've seen them do some nearly-impossible things, which leads me to believe that, possibly, computer-controlled cars don't suffer from damage like the player does.

The Bottom Line
An early, wonderfully surprising, fun stunt racing game that everyone should play.

DOS · by Trixter (8962) · 2000


1001 Video Games

Stunt Car Racer appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Cancelled sequel

In 2003 Geoff Crammond started the work on a sequel called Stunt Car Racer Pro, but after a long time without any news about the project, it was officially canned in February 2005.


Stunt Car Racer could be played with two players using a serial connection between two machines. This also worked with different systems, so you could also connect an Amiga with an Atari ST, which was quite unusual at this time.


Even with it's (simple) 3D graphics and physics model, Stunt Track Racer runs at a decent clip on a 4.77MHz machine with CGA, and full speed on any machine 8MHz or faster. Extremely well-optimized programming!

While the CGA version of the game didn't do any speed checking and runs too fast on modern hardware, the EGA version was throttled by the EGA page-flipping, and runs perfectly on modern hardware.

Amstrad CPC versions

There were two versions of the game for Amstrad CPC: for CPC 464 and CPC 6128. The latter came complete with an extra multiplayer mode and a "hall of fame" gallery. These two features did not exist in CPC 464 version.

Stunt Car Racer TNT

"Stunt Car Racer TNT" (The New Tracks) is an unofficial enhancement of the original game released for Amiga. It was made by hackers and offered eight new tracks. Colour palette during the race was changed as well as there were some slight modifications of the title screen.


Although it was almost a decade old at the time, Stunt Track Racer was remembered and mentioned as a comparison in CDMAG's review of Whiplash.


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