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The demon known as The Sleeper has been banished and the magical barrier around the prison mining colony on the isle of Khorinis destroyed. The nameless hero who accomplished this, however, had to pay a high price: he lies buried under a pile of rocks.

Shortly afterwards he is revived by the renegade mage Xardas. A new threat is rising: evil armies, led by dragons, are gathering in the old mine valley. Someone has to take the news to the people of Khorinis and help them in defeating this menace. But the people have their own problems: the war against the orcs is still raging on the mainland, and the king has sent his paladins to Khorinis to make sure that the mining of the magical ore continues, now that the prisoners have fled the mine. Many of the former prisoners have now become mercenaries, hired by the farmers on the island, who refuse to obey the king and his minions any longer. Violent conflict seems inevitable.

Gothic II is a 3D action role-playing game that uses a refined version of the previous game's engine and controls. The world is many times larger than in the first game: the mine valley (which has changed a lot in the meantime) is still accessible, but is only a relatively small part of the game now. As in the original game, the player can join one of three different factions, with the choice influencing the player character's abilities, opening up different quests and changing the details of the story. The available factions are the city militia, the mercenaries and the fire mages.

Aside from significantly expanding the environments and adding many new weapons, armor, and monster types, the sequel plays very similarly to the preceding installment. Combat and magic are action-based; melee fights are based on combinations of attack moves and directional arrows. Non-playable characters follow a daily schedule, and many objects are usable.


  • Готика II - Russian spelling
  • 哥特王朝II - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 救世英豪 II - Chinese spelling (traditional)

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Average score: 83% (based on 36 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 102 ratings with 7 reviews)

Another Great Game Experience

The Good
Since I played Gothic before this sequel and wrote a review here at MobyGames, I will overlook at the main facts of the game since they are the same, therefore I will only write about the development on several points…

Again, the storyline makes a strong point for the gamer, this time more complex and enjoyable.

This time is not just a world, you will have to perform quests in the Old World (the same as in Gothic but simplified) and in a whole New World. In my opinion, the developers fixed a weak feature on the previous edition since the World in Gothic (now called Old World) was not especially big for an RPG.

As in the first edition the game paths that as a player you take are three guilds (The Mercenaries, The Paladins and The Magicians of Fire), well, there is also a thief’s guild but too small compared with the others.

The Fight and Movement System are now better, it was good but still there was place for improvement.

Strong point on quest quantity, while the storywriters keep the quality on quest plots there are now something like 4 or 5 times more quests that the first edition.

Other good points are the introduction of Dragons, many animal trophies added, new creatures, pickpocket, removed acrobatics (it was unreal) and the alchemist table.

The Bad
The inventory management, at the readme.txt, developers says that it was improved but I liked it as it was.

There is now the possibility to define a quicksave but I believe that an autosave feature should be incorporated on upcoming releases.

Minor bugs, more of them related to the 3D Graphics System, especially in the New World.

As I said on my Gothic review, sometimes you can exploit some NPCs fighting movement flaws to defeat a stronger enemy.

The Bottom Line
If you played Gothic and it was good well play Gothic 2 and keep the fun going. If you didn’t played Gothic and like RPG games well I recommend you to play both in order, but you still can start by Gothic 2.

Windows · by Cabeza2000 (689) · 2004

Challenging, beautiful, open-ended, smart, long; class gaming

The Good
The game begins where Gothic 2 ended, with a recap of events in the first game for beginners. The enigmatic Xardas the necromancer is the first character you meet, one of a plethora of colorful people who will play parts in the surprisingly long main quest.

The dialogue and interaction with NPCs really stand out immediately. All the dialogue is voice acted and there's loads of it, thousands of lines; in the first main game area, the city of Khorinis, you'll find dozens of characters with their own personalities and unique branching conversations, and every one of them is involved in at least one quest or job which you can take up or turn down. This isn't just for show, either; unlike linear 'RPG's like Neverwinter Nights, the things you say to people will really have a big effect on how the game plays.

The NPCs aren't just believable when you're interacting with them, though; they each have schedules which they will attend to, carrying out conversations with one another, sleeping, eating, working, et cetera. They react realistically when they encounter hostile NPCs or wild animals, sound the alarm if they see you committing a crime, and refuse to talk to you if they don't like you. The priest in Khorinis preaches to a crowd of citizens that gathers, and if you want you can stick around and listen to his lengthy prose as well. It's overall among the most lifelike, immersive game worlds yet brought to a computer screen.

The main quest is pretty slow to pick up; you have to gain several levels and complete a load of odd jobs before you'll be powerful enough to start on the road to the second chapter. This is a blessing and a curse, because while it introduces the open-endedness of the game world well, it's also pretty slow-paced.

The graphics are beautiful. Textures are of low detail in some areas, but this is more than made up for by the excellent character animation, lifelike creatures which inhabit the world, and most of all the verdant world itself in which you can see for miles around if you turn the view distance up high enough. Other fancy effects such as particles blowing in the wind, leaves falling off of trees and (semi-) reflective water are thrown in for good measure, but it's the artwork and level design that really stands out.

Sound is excellent, the best in any RPG I have played. Hitting a creature makes a meaty thunk or a bony crack, feet crunch on pine needles, swords clash off of each other with sharp retorts, and trolls let out fearful battle cries with vivid clarity. The voice acting also stands out; it is flawed because the foreign actors don't always get English inflection right, but all of the actors have character and most are skilled, which really brings the characters to life.

Gothic 2's nonlinearity really stands out. It manages to have a complex main plot and lifelike characters while still allowing you to do pretty much anything you want in the game world. There's a vast world to explore, over a hundred side quests to take care of, creatures to kill (and skin), plants to collect (and turn into potions), swords to forge, dungeons to loot, books to read, et cetera.

The Bad
Gothic 2's difficulty level is very steep for beginners. It actually gets easier in the last third of the game, as some of the creatures are pushovers and a wise player will have saved up enough gold to buy anything by then, but before then, novices will have a hard time getting by.

As mentioned, the voice acting's inflection is off at points. This is rarely a problem, but when it is it damages the immersion.

There are also a handful of glitches in the scripting, messing some quests up if you approach them the wrong way. This is an unfortunate issue, although it never, to my knowledge, gets in the way of the crucial quest.

It also bears noting that Gothic 2 does not manage to evoke the spooky, mysterious atmosphere of Gothic. Since you're playing in a more civilized area, the game just doesn't have that same dark, creepy mood to it. It's a small step down from the first game, but still superior to most others.

The Bottom Line
While Gothic 2 certainly isn't a game for everyone, it is one hell of an RPG. It's slow to pick up, very difficult at the beginning, and marred a little bit by glitches, but is otherwise a largely flawless gaming experience.

Windows · by ShadowShrike (277) · 2005

Give me more Gothic!

The Good
I hope you haven't missed the first Gothic: it was a fantastic game, a sleeper hit that brought fame to its developer, a small and unknown German company that single-handedly created their own style of RPG design.

Like most really good sequels, Gothic II retains what made its predecessor great and expands it. Basically, it's the same good old stuff, only more of it. Rock-solid, balanced, satisfying role-playing? Check. Challenging action-based combat? Check. Multiple paths through the story, non-linearity, different factions to join? Check. Vast, beautiful world with plenty of stuff to find and areas to explore? Check. Interesting NPCs with their own schedules? Check.

There is more of everything. The world is much bigger than in the first game. There is a full-fledged large town that lives its own life. It is surrounded by huge wilderness areas, as well as many smaller points of interest. In fact, the entire world of the first game appears in Gothic II as one of its locations!

Like the first game, Gothic II is addictive and incredibly rewarding. You'll be working hard to make your character stronger. You'll take quests and hunt for valuable items. There is a lot of attention to detail and many creative touches that bring the world to life. Town inhabitants work during the day and then go to taverns or smoke pot with friends. People attend their daily duties, listen to religious ceremonies, and go have sex with whores. Just like in real life.

You sleep in beds, learn how to make your own swords by a blacksmith, and fry meat in a pan. Monsters are truly vicious, and if you have the appropriate skill, you can skin an animal and sell its pelt. The life shown in Gothic II is believable and realistic. Like its predecessor, it has a lot of personality.

The story has a couple of nice twists up its sleeve, but all those small quests you'll undertake are actually more interesting than the main plot. Most of the side quests feel fresh and are fun to try out. There is a lot of free-form playing in the game, both in the way you shape your character and in the quests you must perform in order to get to your goal. The different paths eventually merge into one, but there's still plenty of replay value to have here.

The combat system in Gothic II (same as in the first game) is quite interesting, without being either too simplistic or too convoluted and artificial. You have three kinds of attacks and the possibility to physically block. The attacks are a combination of pressing the mouse button and direction keys. This system really works well, even though not everyone will be satisfied with its emphasis on precision and timing.

The game's considerable difficulty level doesn't allow you to roam its world freely like a tourist, but it also creates great suspense and adds to the game's realism. There is a feeling of danger; you know it when you spot an enemy you haven't seen before and your knees go weak when you see that it has spotted you too and is running towards you with a ferocious growl.

But if you become strong enough to face those beasts, you'll find a vast, wonderful world to explore. You'll want to reach every corner of it, complete every quest, explore and discover. Gothic II is a game of action, a role-playing game, but also a wonderful open-ended adventure, a virtual reality that will make you addicted to it.

The Bad
Like its predecessor, Gothic II is stronger in its first half and becomes somewhat streamlined towards the end. And once again, I didn't mind that because I was glad to have some straightforward, simple action after the elaborate work I've been doing before. But it's hard to deny that the final sequence is not up to par with the rest of the game.

I think the first Gothic had a cooler vibe. The prison colony was a more interesting place than the rather standard medieval world in Gothic II. I missed the darkness of that first world, and especially the strong beginning of the story, which is a bit too mild and impersonal in the sequel. The survival aspect that was so unusual in the predecessor is somewhat downplayed here, and the protagonist's motivations are far less convincing.

The Bottom Line
A perfect example of quality sequel-making, Gothic II takes everything that made the first game great and generously multiplies it. If, for some reason, you disliked the first Gothic, the sequel probably won't convert you; but if you loved it, say good-bye to your free time and prepare to melt in role-playing goodness.

Windows · by Unicorn Lynx (181794) · 2014

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  • 4Players
    • 2002– #2 Best PC Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2002– Best PC Role-Playing Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
  • GameStar (Germany)
    • February 13, 2003 - Best RPG in 2002 (Readers' Vote)
  • Steam Awards
    • 2017 — The 'No Apologies' Award — Nominated


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