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Ghostbusters: Slime City is a tie-in to the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, but does not use elements from it for the story or characters. The game is set in Manhattan, New York City, overrun by ghosts. The player becomes a member of the Ghostbusters squad and can choose a male of female character, with suit customization options unlocked later on. The game combines levels with shooting gallery gameplay with persistent base management.

Starting with a headquarters, several R&D facilities can be constructed on a city map and these generate revenue over time. The general missions take place in buildings with several floors. Each level is a short section showing the Ghostbuster from a behind view. Different types of ghosts appear and the touch controls are used to move a cross-hair to target them. Sometimes special actions are needed, such as targeting a device. Some ghosts cannot be killed, but need to have their stamina drained so they can be dragged into a device that captures them permanently. There are several types of weapons (packs) and extra items that can be used. These packs, such as a proton pack or an electron pack, usually fire a laser and by collecting or buying parts they can be upgraded several times. Weapons have a limited amount of ammo and require time to recharge. By not touching the screen the Ghostbuster moves to a crouched cover position. The ghosts can still do damage then, but a smaller amount. Often they throw projectiles that need to be targeted. When the character runs out of health, the game is over.

Completing missions is rewarded with experience to level up, cash, parts for the packs, and cards. The packs (weapons) are the most important items to invest in and they have the statistics battery, power, recharge, and ROF. Each pack consists of several elements: Control Gear, Cyclotron, Finish, Power Pack, and Wand. Different types of cards form sets used to unlock Ghost Boosters. From a certain level squads (clans) can be formed or joined and players then attack or defend each other's facilities. The game incorporates a league system where the different squads are ranked. By leveling up skill points are provided. They can be invested in the statistics attack, business, defense, health, and recovery.

The game is free-to-play with several currencies. Cash is the basic currency earned by completing jobs and generated by R&D facilities. Only a limited amount can be stored, so the player needs to invest in or upgrade banks to get more storage. Cash is used to buy or upgrade Contracts missions. It can also be spent to receive new pack parts or to invest in new or upgraded buildings. Gold is the premium currency earned by completing jobs, leveling up or through in-app purchases. It is used to buy suits to customize characters, buy pack parts and receive or upgrade new Contracts instantly. Contract jobs can be customized for risk and reward and provide loot not found in regular missions. Poker chips are a separate currency earned by watching video advertisements. They are used to access unique jobs and to restore health. The game does not have an traditional energy/stamina system, but the health of the Ghostbuster is carried over between missions and needs time to regenerate, unless chips are used. There is also a VIP system providing platinum jobs, PvP consumables, faster health restoration, booster shuffles and VIP jobs. Temporary VIP status is achieved immediately after buying gold.

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