aka: Tatsujin, Tatsujin Classic, Truxton Classic
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The evil Dogurava, commander of an alien army known as the Gidans, is attacking the planet Borogo. The army uses five giant asteroids as fortresses for the invasion. After surviving an attack on an orbiting cargo barge, a lone pilot takes the only remaining fighter craft and embarks on a suicide mission: draw the Gidans' fire to himself, while attempting to bypass their fighters on the way to the fortresses.

Originating in the arcades, Truxton is a vertically scrolling shooter. The player controls a fighter craft that has to eliminate the enemies with primary weapons or bombs. The basic weapon comes in three varieties: Power Shot (small spreading projectiles), Sun Laser (a powerful, fast-moving straight laser beam, and Truxton Beam (an electric beam that spreads in all directions if the player is holding down the fire button).

Each one of these weapons can be upgraded to a more powerful variant by collecting power-ups (up to four power levels). Beside increased attack power, the weapons also may gain additional properties when powering up (e.g. the Power Shot creates a shield around the player-controlled aircraft). Other power-up effects include increasing the ship's maneuvering speed up to four times, increasing the number of bombs, and gaining additional lives.


  • タツジン - Japanese spelling
  • 타수진 클래식 - Korean Android/iPhone/iPad spelling

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Credits (Genesis version)

16 People

  • Tatsuo
  • Lilin
  • Jtank
  • Badron
  • Gulus
  • Dosvam
  • Dogurava
  • © Toaplan 1988
  • © Sega 1989
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