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Enduro Racer

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Enduro Racer is a racing game featuring dirt bikes. It is very similar to its immediate predecessor Hang-On, originating on the same arcade hardware, but besides moving the action off-road, there are also several gameplay changes and additions.

As in Hang-On, the game is seen from behind the player's biker. Besides the usual turns in the road, the tracks now also feature hills and declines. Obstacles include not only other bikers and trees or signs at the side of the road, but also rocks or other objects on the road. Logs or sand barriers crossing the road can be jumped over, launching the bike into the air. The controls not only allow for steering, accelerating and braking, but also for performing a wheelie for a speed increase at the expense of maneuverability.

In typical arcade style, the race takes place from checkpoint to checkpoint, with the line having to be crossed within a time limit to continue. All in all, there are five different stages, with environments including grasslands, two different deserts, a forest lake and a beach.



Credits (Atari ST version)

  • Giga Games
  • Focus




  • ACE
    • October 1988 (issue #13) - Included in the Top-100 list of 1987/1988 (editorial staff selection)* Power Play
    • 1987 - Best Spectrum Game '87

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