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Enduro Racer

aka: Super Cross
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In this game you play the role of an endurance bike racer. The gameplay involves you racing against the clock to get to the finish line and jumping over ramps. At the end of each race you get points for how many cars or bikes you have overtaken with which you can upgrade your bike.

There are various different terrain for you to race on including desert beach and dirt tracks plus a number of things to slow you down or even knock you off of your bike all together. The main idea is to find the best route through each level to shave off valuable seconds in order to over take more cars and bikes.

The Japanese version of the game has more tracks than the international version has. The international version only has 5 tracks that repeat twice while the Japanese version has the 5 tracks from the international version plus five more. Among them is a snow track which is one of the hardest tracks in the game, because there are a lot of stones on the thin road. Also, the Japanese version has a map screen that shows the player's progress after the time is up, while the international version lacks this.


  • エンデューロレーサー - Japanese spelling


Credits (Arcade version)

US Product Manager



Average score: 60% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 1 reviews)

Excitebike Advanced

The Good
Enduro Racer is great because of the customization options and the unique view of the action. Because of the camera angle, it provides a pseudo-3D look that allows you to dodge objects from both the left and the right. A 2D view would've erased this aspect from the game completely. It's painfully obvious SEGA was trying to compete by adding extra value to similar genres of the time.

The Bad
I felt the game was a tad too short, some more levels would round it out quite nicely.

The Bottom Line
Since most old-school gamers are familiar with Excitebike on the NES, the best way to describe Enduro Racer is Excitebike Advanced. It plays in similar fashion (pull up just before the jump) but improves on the Excitebike gameplay by changing the view to a 3/4 behind the bike angle. You also have the ability to upgrade parts based on the number of points you score. Its really cool when you combine the tires, suspension and engine upgrades because when you hit the ramp you soar like the eagles. This is really fun on the water levels where the terrain is broken up, you can just leap over the whole thing.

SEGA Master System · by Ash_1 (74) · 2004


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Re: Split the Sega Master System version? Terok Nor (42806) Oct 17, 2016
Split the Sega Master System version? Victor Vance (18142) Jan 30, 2016


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