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Wario World

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Deep within Wario's castle lies a treasure room filled with the spoils he has plundered during his many adventures. A mysterious black jewel, ensconced among the treasures, has a strange power to transform gems into monsters. While Wario rests in his castle upstairs the jewel begins to morph his treasure trove into a host of monsters, turning Wario's basements into a bizarre parallel universe. Awakening the next morning to monsters instead of treasure, Wario must step into that alternate world to win the treasure back.

Wario World is an action platformer where you play as the titular Wario. Punch, pound, barge and jump your way through hoards of enemies as you reclaim your stolen treasure. Wario can also grab certain items and enemies and whirl them around him and then release them into more foes, causing even more carnage.

Defeating enemies yields Wario coins, and he can grab these to purchase health and bonuses. If there's too many coins to grab in an area, you can press L and Wario will inhale the coins to collect them instead. Also tucked away within the levels are Spritelings, caged creatures which offer Wario hints when freed.


  • ワリオワールド - Japanese spelling
  • 와리오월드 - Korean spelling

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Average score: 69% (based on 37 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings with 2 reviews)

The very definition of "short and sweet".

The Good
Wario World is about everyone's favorite fat greedy bastard, Wario (hence the title). Our friend has lost all of his treasure and needs our help.

In this brawler, you play as Wario, a fat man with many abilities, like charging into someone like a football player, or causing an earthquake that would break a Rector Scale 5 times over. Your goal is to find all of his treasure and servants in 4 levels of epic brawling goodness.

The gameplay is very fun. I find it enjoyable to throw huge enemies into the abyss like rag dolls. Is funny to me! This is also one of the only games I can think of that make me want to fight bosses again! The only other games like this are the Kingdom Hearts games.

The graphics, while not the best, are fair and they get the job done.

The Bad
Like the title of this review says, the game is VERY short. I am almost done with the game and I only had it for less than a week! It was a fun less than a week, but still!

The music wasn't really memorable to me. Not that it was bad. I just didn't think it was great. Also, the noise for those balloons were kind of annoying.

The Bottom Line
Even though it is short, I still think you should buy it. It will probably be the funnest 4-5 days of your life.

GameCube · by Beep (197) · 2010

Wario's debut on the GCN is very rich in gold, jewels, and FUN!

The Good
The graphics in Wario World are so cool and I like SOME (but not all) the music, and the fact that you can piledrive the bad guys into the ground and swing them a bazillion times before throwing them out of the level is awesome, I could do this for hours and not get tired. And some of Wario's lines are pretty funny. And most of the enemies and a lot of the bosses are pretty goofy looking. It's also neat that Wario can suck coins into his mouth.

The Bad
It's tough to find something dislikable in this kind of game, except this game is pretty short. That's about it.

The Bottom Line
Are you a fan of Wario? Do you like games where you can beat the snot out of your enemies? Do you like getting gold coins and jewels and treasures? Then this is the game for you.

GameCube · by Dark Cloud (31) · 2003


1001 Video Games

Wario World appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Regional differences

Since the Japanese version came out about a year later than the international version, it seems an alteration of the final boss fight was made. The final boss now has a second phase when its health is lowered halfway. The final boss now tries attacking with its own body physically during this phase..


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