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Final Fight 2 is the SNES exclusive sequel to Final Fight which was released on the same platform. Like the original outing, this game is a sidescrolling fighter (i.e. Double Dragon).

The MAD GEAR gang is back. They have kidnapped Guy's fiancee (Guy was one of the main characters in the original game), her father and Guy's martial arts master Genryusai. The younger sister of Guy's fiancee, Maki, teams up with Mike Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto to take out the MAD GEAR gang once and for all. The game is set in various stages around the world.


  • ファイナルファイト2 - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 71% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 41 ratings with 2 reviews)

I Thought The Last One Was The Final Fight....

The Good
As the sequel to the overrated Final Fight, I had little hope that Final Fight 2, would be a good game. But I really enjoy old-skool brawlers, so I decided to give this a try. In the end, I was right.

In Final Fight 2, Guy’s mentor has been abducted, as well as his fiancé, by the Mad Gear Gang, you know the idiots you were supposed to have defeated in the first game. The only returning fighter is Haggar.

Final Fight 2 is a little better than the first, only because there is actually 2 player this time, and three fighters not just two.

The Bad
Now for the part of the review in which I use my famous wit and tear this game to shreds. First off the plot is pure idiocy, how does the routed Mad Gear Gang reform? Plus their plan involves revenge on Guy, whom oddly enough does not appear in FF2. Also making little to no sense, if the Mad Gear Gang, is based in the USA, then what the hell are they doing it Hong Kong?

Cody, whom at the end of the first game, rejects Haggar’s daughter Jessica, is now supposedly on vacation with her WTF?

The gameplay has NOT improved, even little. There are still no combos, nor are you fighters capable of performing special moves. So the fighting is just bland, and oft boring. With just standard kick, and punch gameplay, the game becomes quickly repetitive. And reminds me of the God-awful, “Bad dudes”. There are not SOR style team moves either.

The Graphics are poor. Every jackass, always claims that the SNES, was more powerful than the Genesis, yet look at this game compared to Streets Of Rage 2, and tell me that again. Furthermore, FF2 came out after SOR 2. The characters both PC’s and NPC’s suffer from poor design. They often look bland, or just plain silly.

The sound also fairs more or less, like the original. That is to say, it features uninspired tunes, and run-of-the-mill sound effects.

The Bottom Line
Overall, there are just so many better games of this genre. Like the Streets Of Rage series. And for the SNES, Captain Commando. So give Final Fight a rest and play a better game.

SNES · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006

Not as good as we'd hoped.

The Good
If anything this sequel had the opportunity to fix the problems with the first game (i.e. lack of 2 player and character selections)and improve. The 2 player option and number of selectable characters have been fixed but the game has not moved on significantly since the 1990 original. The gameplay now moves on an up & down play field as well a left to right which gives the gameplay some variance from the original, but is hardly an inclusion to request much praise.

The Bad
While the choice of three playable characters is new to the game, the selectable characters are too similar to the original arcade game to make this anything new. Also, due to the plot of the game being spread over many continents, the enemy sprites re-spawning too frequently across levels simply spoiled it for my liking. Much of the game also feels like a redrawn version of the first. The backgrounds may have changed but the enemies are all to familiar, Fast moving guy with quick punches? Check. Fat guy with running charge attack? Check. Skinny guy with daggers? Check. Capcom seemed to have taken the age old saying of "If it 'aint broke then don't fix it", and tweaked it to mean "Fix what was broke, but don't make it any better".

The Bottom Line
With a bit of hindsight, this game is not that bad. Yes it let a lot of gamers down at the time, but I would feel let down too after paying £50+ for this game new. As it stands now, and with the price of pre-owned carts making SNES gaming a bit more reasonable then I would defiantly recommend this to people who like the scrolling beat-'em up genre. Just don't expect anything too special.

SNES · by Mr Almond (2485) · 2006


European version

In the European version the female enemies Mary and Eliza were replaced with male versions. Removed were the axe hold by the first boss enemy and the airport name in the France level.


According to publisher Capcom, Final Fight 2 has sold 1.03 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


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