1830: Railroads & Robber Barons Credits


Lead ProgrammingRuss Williams
Additional ProgrammingEric Brown
ArtSteven Ray Austin, Jeff Dee, Patrick Owens, George Edward Purdy
Additional ArtEric Brown, Russ Williams
DesignStephen Barcia
Music ProducerGeorge Alistair Sanger
ComposerDavid Govett
Production CoordinatorsPhyllis Opolko, Jim Rose, Robert E. Waters
Player Aid PosterJoe Amoral, Charles Kibler, Stephen Langmead, Robert E. Waters
Camera PreparationLou Velenovsky
Printing CoordinationJoseph Widener
DocumentationRobert E. Waters, Russ Williams
Cover ArtKurt Miller
Playtest CoordinatorMike Mead
Printing and PackagingMonarch Services Inc.
Playtesting TeamEvan Axelrad, Kar Born, John Bruns, Kenneth Burd, Don Gilmore, Donald Greenwood, Elliot Kravitz, Walter O'Horn, Vince Richardson, Lee Snaples, Christian Gates Spies, Peter T. Szymonik, Robert Trotman, Marty Ward, Ken Whitesell
Initial Options Screen PhotoThe crew poses with Engine No. 210 of the Old Colony Railroad at Taunton - Mass. in 1884
The "Stock Market Opens" & the "Stock Market is Closed" IllustrationsAdapted from an engraving from either Harpers Weekly - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper or;, William Worthington Fowler ("10 Years in Wall Street" - The Illustration depicts Wall Street in 1866), John Steele Gordon ("The Scarlet Woman of Wall Street" - Widenfield & Nicolson - NY 1988)
The "Bank Breaks" IllustrationMarshall B. Davidson ("New York: A Pictoral History" - Based upon a photograph taken in the fall of 1907 during a bank panic with worried depositors swarming the streets)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Elliot Kravitz (17), Ray Soderlund (3609) and Indra was here (20930)