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Blue Force Credits (DOS)

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Blue Force Credits


DesignJames Walls
Art DirectorCheryl Loyd
Additional DesignJohn Jarrett, Donald C. Soper
Game ProgrammingJames E. Spellman II, Nancy Churchill, John Crane, Chris Hoyt, Robert Eric Heitman
Video Capture and Clean UpDesie Hartman, Kim Walls, Donald C. Soper
Computer AnimationTate Deloach, Desie Hartman, Gary Cox, Les White, Deena Krutak, Kim Walls, W. Bryan Ellis, Jeff Crowe
Background LayoutsCheryl Loyd, Les White, Tate Deloach, Jane Cardinal
Background RenderingsDeena Krutak, Tate Deloach, Gary Cox, Les White, Desie Hartman, Cheryl Loyd, Jane Cardinal, Peter Ledger
Music ScoreKen Allen
Sound EffectsKen Allen
TsAGE Developed byRobert Eric Heitman, Eric Hart, John Rettig, Chris Hoyt, John Crane, John Hamilton
Quality AssuranceBecky Jarrett, Ron Flinders, Sol Ackerman, Chris Jarrett, Eric C. Heitman, Matt Bair, Katherin Heitman
Box Cover IllustrationsJohn T. Shaw, Greg Steffen
Box Cover and User's Manual Layout and DesignGreg Steffen, Steffen Design Group
Medical Facilities Location Provided bySierra Meadows Urgent Care

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (56570) and Trixter (9119)