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The Hobbit Credits

Saffire, Inc.

DesignerSam Nielson
ProgrammingDon Milham, Hal Rushton, Karren Willard, Deon McClung
AudioRick Bradshaw
ArtworkJoe Olson, Derek Hunter, Toran Kotter, Emily Whitney, Lael Henderson, Shauna Howell, Steve James
Additional ProgrammingAlex Rushton, Brian Rushton
Additional DesignRyan Cook
Project ManagementBrian J. Christensen, Hal Rushton
TestingCindi Adamson, Jason Ablett, Jacob Scofield, Breeana Rushton
Special ThanksDenise Hampton, Johnny Breeze, Mike Ricks, Andrew Nielson, Lauriann Wakefield, Dave Madden, David M. Rushton, Michael Butterfield, Amy Mertlich, Nicole Seegmiller, Kathleen Lowe, Ian Johnston, Richard Russell, Casey Nelson, Bryan Lefler

Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

ProducerBernadette Pryor
VP Sierra StudiosKelly Zmak
Brand ManagerSteve Beinner
Director of MarketingCharles Grover Holtzclaw
VP of MarketingBarbara Schwabe
PR ManagerAdam Kahn
Creative DirectorDaniel Greenberg
Art DirectorJohn Slowsky
Music DirectorChance Thomas
Hobbit ThemeRod Abernethy, Dave Adams
QA DirectorGary Stevens
QA SupervisorKen Eaton
QA Lead TesterAlex Jacobs
QA TestersElizabeth Skoczen, Jeri Simpson, Katrina Quan, Lee Thorson
Manual DesignLauren Azeltine
European MarketingEstelle Dubernard, Quentin Gauthier
European PublishingMarie Simon
Special ThanksMike Ryder, Ken Embery, Bill Dugan, Don Wilkins, Juliet Pitt, Peter Della Penna, Molly O'Brien, Eric Roeder, Tracy Gibbs, James Shaw, Pam Teller

Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

Localisation TeamFiona Wilson, René Laurent, Elena Rossi, Gilda Hallinan, Javier Bailo, Laurent Venier, María José Alvarez, Nelly Dietrich

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Credits for this game were contributed by GrisuGreen (22)