Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. Credits


Executive Project ManagerMichael Merren
ProgrammingPaul Sinnett, Harvey Gilpin, Tony Monckton, Keith Nelson
DesignTom Geddes, Ian Hudson, Paul Sinton, Craig Kerrison, Adam Bouskill, Tony Coates
Particle DesignRichard Stone
AnimationPierson Lippard, Dave Kite, Keiko Lippard, Kate O'Rourke, Kevin O' Sullivan, Mike Swindall, Ray Kelly, Will Brayden, Darren Goodacre
Texture ArtistsSteve Wilding, Mathew Cooling, Ben McGrath, Guy Mills, Vassos Shiarlis, Jeremy Elford
CinematicsMike Swindall, Dave Kite
Additional ArtJason Green, Eoin Rogan, James Vale, Rachel Segens
Audio DirectorStephen Root
Sound Effects DesignAndrew Brock
ComposerSimon Robertson
QA ManagerGeoffrey Cullen
QA Project LeadsJonathan Nicolai, John Karnay
QAAndrew Aish, Stuart Ryall, Louis Amore, Darren T. Bennett, Ben Cousins, Akin Marquis, Alkan Hassan
ProducerHoward Perlman

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159487) and Paul Sinnett (506)