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Dementium: The Ward Reviews (Nintendo DS)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.8
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Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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All in all Dementium is not very difficult even though you can’t take any extra ammo or health items with you, for they are so frequently dispersed around The Ward that it doesn’t matter much. The learning curve for this game isn’t that steep, once the player grasps the controls, they should easily be able to make their way through the game. Probably the most annoying thing in Dementium is the fact that if you die there are severe consequences, and by that I mean if you die in the game you must restart at the beginning of the last chapter. There are no checkpoints, or anything, and to top that off you must re-collect any items you had already obtained in that chapter. Although it is very hard to die if you play wisely, like I said health items are frequent, but it is still annoying to have to start all over if you die. Just pray you don’t die at a boss.
Deeko (Nov 06, 2007)
And now I must take leave of you. So long, farewell, I say... adieu! Before I go, though, let me quickly make this point that I came for. If you've the guts to enduring gaming in which you do lots of playing All the while softly praying, preying on some churlish horde, Go out and buy this game now quickly! Preying on churlish horde Within Dementium: The Ward!
On the whole, Dementium is a riveting title which expertly straddles the line between survival horror and first-person shooter - two genres vastly underrepresented on the DS. If you're up for a good scare, a lot of blood, and worthy horror experience, then look no further. Renegade Kid not only did their homework, they passed the exam with flying colors.
Destructoid (Oct 31, 2007)
Overall the game is a pleasing experience and should delight fans of horror, FPS or quirky indies. There's nothing like Dementium for the DS out there, and for me personally it's always a thrill to see the first game of its kind for a portable make a debut. These are the types of titles that we remember years later as benchmarks, and I think Dementium: The Ward surely has a crack at that status. Don't forget to play it in the dark!
84 (Nov 20, 2007)
“Dementium: The Ward” does many things right that it would be a shame for DS owners not to give it a try. Renegade Kid developed a solid first effort that although it’s not without its faults, provides plenty of thrills and screams in an entertaining horror-fest. Dementium comes with a high recommendation!
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 05, 2007)
Dementium: The Ward, despite the heavy amount of advertisements throughout the big sites, is a game that was definitely underhyped leading to its release. The game is short and can be beaten in under 4 hours, but this is a true achievement through and through despite its slightly below-average replay value. If this was just a test to see what Gamecock can publish, then they passed with flying colors, and this game will garner a steady fanbase as long as people take the time to play it. There's no multiplayer, but who cares? It wouldn't make any sense, especially with the game's story. While it probably isn't as scary as the developers at Renegade Kid hoped it would be, they still succeeded at pushing the DS to potential new heights with its twisted story, stellar graphics, tremendous use of sound, and nearly perfect use of the handheld's touch screen functionality. Dementium: The Ward is a terrific experience. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
GameDaily (Oct 31, 2007)
To that end, Dementium doesn't do anything we haven't seen before, such as playing a piano to reveal a secret, acquiring special colored keycards to open doors and shot gunning monsters. Yet at the same time, the experience feels new, since there's almost nothing like it on the platform, save for the aged Resident Evil Deadly Silence. So shut off the lights, put on a pair of headphones and get lost in this demented adventure. It's without question one of the DS' most under hyped games, and also one of its best.
GamePro (US) (Dec 17, 2007)
My biggest complaint with the game is that the storyline was often dropped during the game, and I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. This never distracts from the actual game play, but I always felt like a John Doe instead of a character. In the end, Dementium: The Ward is a cohesive game with the sum of all of its parts adding up to a frightening whole.
GamesRadar (Oct 30, 2007)
Dementium: The Ward is almost perfection, performing as a fantastic feat of first-person survival, and oozes with a truly, truly frightening aesthetic. Even if it's not the first in its genre, it's the most satisfyingly original game we've seen on the DS in some time. In a land of tap-and-drag minigames, Dementium sticks out like a blood-thirsty gremlin in a Smurf village. And we mean that as the highest possible compliment, and hope that distinction will help it find the audience it richly deserves.
Gamernode (Nov 07, 2007)
Dementium: The Ward isn't a perfect portable shooter, but it's certainly a damn good one. You're looking at around eight to ten hours of solid gameplay, unless of course you continually die at boss battles. Unfortunately, we haven't been blessed with enough good DS FPS games, but Dementium certainly is a welcomed edition to the DS library. If you're the type of gamer who likes mixing survival horror with first-person controls, Renegade Kid developed this title for you. At this point, we can only hope that other developers follow in their footsteps and bring us even more FPS love.
IGN (Oct 31, 2007)
It's pretty amazing that, for a system that's been out for three years now, there have been very few first-person shooters made for it. The Nintendo DS is a prime (no pun intended) system for the genre, what with its touch screen that can easily mimic the precise movement of mouse controls. Dementium: The Ward fills that void nicely - it's appropriately gory (it is a shooter, after all) but also adds an element of mystery to the whole thing. Some design issues do get in the way a tiny bit, but not so much that you'll hate on the game…and unless you've got the expectations of a PC shooter fan, it's hard to not be impressed with what Renegade Kid managed to pull off on the Nintendo DS hardware.
All that you can ask of a survival horror game is that it scares you and while Dementium might not give you nightmares, it'll certainly put you on edge as you play it, which is enough to make you ignore some of the more annoying, pedestrian moments here.
Purojuegos (2007)
Quizas la critica mas grande que se le puede hacer al juego, aparte de las de los puzzles y la linterna, es que en realidad es demasiado corto tiene pocos capitulos y cada uno avanza a pasos agigantados, si tienen la suerte de no trabarse en ningun puzzle es un juego que en menos de 4 horas ya se esta terminando, una lastima. A pesar de los defectos, Dementium: The Ward es uno de los juegos que hacia falta en el catalogo de DS para complementarlo y junto a Resident Evil: Deadly Silence son los dos exponentes máximos del terror en la DS.
GameSpot (Nov 06, 2007)
Ultimately, Dementium: The Ward is an entertaining shooter that makes great strides in creating a portable horror experience but holds itself back from really accomplishing what it set out to do. Easily beatable in four to five hours by an accomplished player, its static puzzles and enemy placement leave no reason to run through it again, but its memorable sound design and creepy ambience make it well worth a play.
70 (UK) (Apr 10, 2009)
In its newly 'remastered' form, Dementium is easily one of the most interesting games to appear on the DS in some time, and certainly should have a great appeal to anyone looking for a decent horror offering. If you like to go to bed at night with the sound of abject terror ringing in your ears, look no further.
70 (Jan 08, 2008)
Schade, Demetium – The Ward verschenkt sein Potential. Mit etwas mehr Abwechslung und einem Checkpoint-System würde deutlich mehr Splatterspaß aufkommen. Für einen echten interaktiven Thriller fehlt außerdem eine packende Story, die den Spieler von Beginn an in das Geschehen hineinsaugt. Ab und zu wird euch zwar eine Zwischensequenz präsentiert, doch die Geschichte bleibt eher schmückendes Beiwerk zu der Mischung aus viel Geballer und einfachen Rätseln. Dank der unheimlichen Atmosphäre, der beeindruckenden Grafik und der traumhaften Ego Shooter-Steuerung ist das Spiel trotzdem noch ein recht ordentlicher Horrortrip. Eine gehörige Portion Frustresistenz solltet ihr wegen der fehlenden Checkpoints allerdings mitbringen.
GameSpy (Nov 05, 2007)
In a way, it's Dementium's disappointing length that keeps these irritations from piling up enough to ruin the fun. As much as you'll wish for more variety in setting and situation, what you do get is so smooth, creepy, and darkly pleasurable that you'll be left with a smile and a twitch, if not necessarily satisfaction. If you're looking for solid survival horror action that doesn't shy away from gore, and don't mind a few bumps on the gurney ride through hell, Dementium is surprisingly delicious medicine.
70 (Jul 03, 2009)
Deuxième porte-parole du genre Horreur sur Nintendo DS, Dementium : L'Asile fait bonne impression. S'appuyant sur une histoire qui aurait mérité un meilleur traitement ou une progression redondante, le jeu parvient malgré tout à susciter l'intérêt et quelques notions d'effroi. En somme, voici un premier segment prometteur qui pourrait donner lieu à une suite très réussie, pour peu que Renegade Kids gomme tous les défauts évoqués plus avant.
UOL Jogos (Dec 28, 2007)
"Dementium: The Ward" chegou discreto, sem fazer barulho, e por isso a surpresa é maior. O melhor do game está em sua produção visual e principalmente sonora, que contribuem para o clima de terror, ou o que é possível numa tela de três polegadas. As porções de quebra-cabeça e de ação são decentes (há uma boa quantidade de armas, por exemplo), mas o projeto de fases é um tanto repetitivo. Porém, o pior é ter de refazer o capítulo toda vez que acabar a energia. Mesmo com esses contratempos e do conteúdo não muito extenso, "Dementium" é uma experiência que vale a pena se submeter.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 10, 2007)
Dementium sounded good on paper, it looked promising in previews, and it played like an amazing horror movie during the first hour or so. It sought to be one of those games that scares the hell out of you by gently rubbing your shoulder (e.g. Silent hill) instead of yanking you whole (e.g. Resident Evil), but at the end of the day, it reached the godly status of neither. It makes a brilliant case of “show, don’t tell”, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t show a heck of a lot.
Game Couch (Dec 13, 2007)
When it comes to horror shooters, the DS isn’t an obvious platform, but Dementium succeeds where Touch the Dead failed. Within the first five minutes of playing Dementium, you’ve seen a nurse dragged away by an obese monster called The Cleaver, discovered a code scrawled in blood, and found a note asking, “Why did you do it?”
Dementium could have turned out slightly above average if the developer would have made some simple, key design decisions differently. As it is, the content just isn't compelling enough to warrant the dedication necessary to make it all the way through the asylum.
GameLemon (Mar 07, 2008)
The game itself is incredibly linear, which significantly decreases both the scare factor and the interest. And while the plot eventually reveals itself, what I found much more intriguing about the game was the fact that the game was developed by a bunch of guys from Texas, yet there's Japanese on the storage boxes. Shiteimasuka? I'm wishing that you learned more from the Japanese survival horror games that came before Dementium than one random Japanese word, that's what I'm doing.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 05, 2007)
With little to offer in terms of replay, originality or balance, what could have been a good game slides down to its final resting place in the land of mediocrity. At thirty dollars, it’s just not worth the price tag. At half the cost it would be a great deal, but it’s not worth the wait for the price to drop. It’s not hard to have fun with Dementium, it’s just hard to maintain the desire to keep playing it.