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3DO 5 3.7
SEGA CD 20 2.9
Combined User Score 25 3.0

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SEGA CDGameFan Magazine (Jan, 1993)
Sewer Shark has great full motion video and a great on screen narrated story, it's an impressive and fun game on a great new format. As a full motion shooter it doesn't quite reach the intensity of Cobra Command, but for a well rounded game that yells back at you, it's the best. Great ending, too (cartridge music?!?).
SEGA CDMean Machines (Apr, 1993)
One of the first outstanding Mega-CD product. What it lacks in depth is made up for with amazing visuals, atmosphere and solid, blasting action!
SEGA CDScore (Dec, 1994)
Celkově můžeme hry Sewer Shark hodnotit jenom kladně - nejen, že dostatečně využívá potenciálu CD-ROMu k dosažení vizuálních efektů, ale také udržuje tu správnou úroveň zábavy a vysoké hratelnosti. I když přiznejme, že ne každý se chce stát hrdinou z kanálů. Na druhou stranu - proč ne - změna je přece život!
3DOConsoles Plus (Jun, 1994)
Un film interactif original, qui s'avère toutefois un peu bancal au niveau de... l’interactivité !
SEGA CDPower Unlimited (Oct, 1993)
Sewer Shark is nog zo'n interactieve film die de mogelijkheden van de Sega CD benutte. Het was dan ook een van de redenen dat het apparaat flopte. De beelden waren van lage kwaliteit en het spel was saai en kort. Wel goeie stemgeluiden.
Repetitive but good.
SEGA (Aug 04, 2008)
The 2D art on-screen will often appear around the video window to make you feel as if you're really inside the cockpit, cut scenes with your co-pilot appear on a little HUD display, and you definitely need to keep your ears open for little surprises, so the game definitely keeps you on your toes. The video is fun to watch, and the game's control is decent, and there's nothing that's unreasonably hard to pull off. There is even a decent amount of challenge. That's really all I can say. If you appreciate full motion video games, Sewer Shark of course is hands down a classic. The video quality is good, and believe me there is a spectrum. Some Sega CD titles have video quality that is tantamount to vomit, so this title does a great job. I give it a 7 because although it's a fun game, it's a little too easy and not quite long enough. What else can I say? SHOOT THE TUBES DOGMEAT!!
Overall, if you enjoy FMV games and rail shooters, Sewer Shark is a decent title to have in your collection. Its filled with humor and can be a pretty wild ride toward the middle and end. If you have a Sega CD and Sewer Shark already- that's a tough call. Game play wise the Sega CD version is tighter and the sound effects are more satisfying, so it's really your call if you want to see the game in near full-screen glory with better visuals. But, as FMV games fall into a "love/hate" category, if you don't like FMV games before Sewer Shark for 3DO is not going to change your mind.
SEGA CDJust Games Retro (Jan 14, 2003)
Technically, the game is sound. The graphics still show the usual pixelation and blurriness rampant in Sega CD games, but it seems a little more manageable here, as they are shown in small windows and aren't stretched to fill the full screen. Dykstra's sewers look fantastic in motion, especially considering this is one of the first full-motion video (FMV) games. Controls work great, and the effects and music are just fine. However, the game itself isn't a particularly difficult or enjoyable shooter. The designers seem to know that their video is the strong point, so they want to get you to the next cutscene as fast and easily as possible. This will not set well if you're looking for a challenge, but does invite you to lay back and enjoy the game. It's worth playing through once for the story and the characters, but there's not much here worth returning for. If you can't find this game, you're missing some laughs, but nothing else.
SEGA CDVideo Games (Jan, 1994)
In Sewer Shark wird fast ausschließlich geballert. Die Herausforderung liegt in der Konzentrationsanforderung. Reagiert Ihr nicht rechtzeitig auf die Richtungsangaben oder verpaßt Ihr eine Ladestation, ist ein Leben schnell ausgehaucht. Im Gegensatz zu anderen interaktiven Filmen könnt Ihr halbwegs einschätzen, was auf Euch zukommt. Ihr müßt den Spielablauf nicht Schritt für Schritt auswendig lernen (die Wege ändern sich eh von Spiel zu Spiel). Konzentration ist alles. Sonderlich abwechslungsreich ist das Ganze allerdings nicht gerade.
SEGA CDMega Fun (Dec, 1993)
Sonys Sewer Shark geht etwas weg von den auf lange Sicht demotivierenden Reaktionstests, die nur dazu dienen, einen vorgefertigten Film am laufen zu halten. Vielmehr wurden viele Segmente eines Filmes zerpflückt und je nach Spielverhalten aneinandergefügt. Daß am Ende meist eine zünftige Explosion ist, kann uns doch nicht erschüttern, oder? Zwar wird man mit der Steuerung schnell warm und fliegt stundenlang in der Gegend rum, doch es gibt immer noch einige Ratten, die man auf dem Weg nach Solar City übersehen hat, auch wenn es der eigene Boß ist... Sewer Shark ist reine Geschmackssache. Man sollte sich jedoch nicht von den Filmgrafiken beeindrucken lassen, sondern auch erkennen, was übrigbleibt, wenn man sich die Digi-Bilder und -Sounds mal wegdenkt: Ein eigentlich stupides Ballerspiel.
3DOJoystick (French) (Jun, 1994)
Les deux seules choses qui valent vraiment la peine sont, d'une part, l'intro (de la vidéo plein écran d'une qualité largement au-dessus de la moyenne), et d'autre part l'ambiance. En prime, des bruitages d'enfer et une bande son digne d'un film de science-fiction. Et puis, c'est drôlement bien filmé, genre cinéma et tout et tout. Oh si, j'te jure, sur la vie de la p'tite sœur ! Dommage que se soit si ennuyeux.
The whole game isn't meant to be taken seriously. That shouldn't affect your enjoyment though. It's cheesy like all of the other acting in FMV games but gives you your laughs. This could be one of the Sega CD's best games had it been able to pull off a higher frame rate and resolution.
SEGA CDPlayer One (Dec, 1993)
C'est jeu assez beau, mais l'intérêt ne suit pas. Dommage, car l'animation est assez classe et la fenêtre de jeu plus grande qu'à l'accoutumée sur cette machine !
SEGA CDDefunct Games (Apr 29, 2006)
So, there you have it; another FMV game which you never really feel in control of, complete with bad acting and crummy visuals. Even the juggernaut behind Mutato Musika couldn't fully redeem this one.
SEGA CDAll Game Guide (1998)
There's not much to Sewer Shark in terms of gameplay - you only get one life, and if you take the wrong turn, you'll "Hit the wall" - meaning, game over. Sewer Shark isn't really worth playing, it just makes you thankful that this type of game didn't catch on.
SEGA CDThe Video Game Critic (Oct 01, 2000)
His overacting is annoying, but at least he's got spirit. You'll also meet other pilots, an idiotic robot (a weak attempt at comic relief), and your nasty boss who'll let you know just how bad a job you're doing. But the basic gameplay involves traveling through a never-ending tube, shooting pixilated rats by aiming crosshairs. You periodically need to change tubes in response to verbal directions. It's hard to see the holes leading to other tubes coming, making navigation difficult. It's all very confusing in general. And since Sewer Shark is linear (with no password), you'll have to sit through the same lame video sequences each time you play. Not very exciting.