The Untouchables Credits (SNES)

The Untouchables SNES The REAL title screen.


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The Untouchables Credits

The Untouchables — SNES Version

ProgrammingRobert W. Tinman
Music and Sound EffectsKeith Tinman
Object Design, Scroll Design and Level PlanningIvan Davies
Object DesignDawn Drake (as Dawn 'Tenerife' Drake)
Scroll Design, Additional Level Planner, Visual Effect Design and EndingBrian J. Flanagan (as Brian 'Otaku' Flanagan)
Additional Ideas and DesignDavid Stalker, Richard Hare
Grunts and GroansBrian J. Flanagan (as Brian 'Otaku' Flanagan)
Music DriverBobby Earl
TestingKurny, Dylan Bourne
InterruptionMichael Delves (as Mike Delves)
Tea MakersRay Coffey, Colin Rushby
ManagementGary Bracey
Technical SupportRob Arnold (as Bobby Arnold), Paul Street
Thanks toSteve Shearer, and Aberdeen Posse, The Party Goes On!, Mac and The Cream Crew, Yumi Chan, John Falmer
Presented byOcean

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