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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

aka: AITD:TNN, Alone in the Dark 4, Alone in the Dark: Koszmar Powraca
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Edward Carnby, private eye of the paranormal, is back.

Carnby's best friend, Charles Fiske, has been found dead near Shadow Island, a mysterious island near Maine. It is your duty to take up the investigation and find out the secrets of Shadow Island. But you're not going alone... your companion will be a redhead by the name of Aline Cedrac who has her own reasons for tagging along. Aside from being a woman and inexperienced in the world of danger, she is the only one with the knowledge for translating the ancient Abkhani tabloids which may hold the secrets behind Carnby's friend's death and the disappearance of Aline's father.

Upon arriving on the island, your plane has been shot down by the things unknown, and the heroes have no other choice but to jump with a parachute, thus separating them on the island.

Now you choose the character to play with, either as Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac, as they explore the mysterious and gloomy island with all its secrets and parallel stories that contain different locations and tasks for different characters, thus adding the level of replayability in a different experience - Carnby's story is more action oriented while Cedrac has more puzzles to solve.

Just like in the predecessors you move your characters through pre-rendered backgrounds while the camera perspective switches around. You collect various items and books which are used to solve puzzles. Many situations can only be solved with violence which means you'll have to use guns to get rid of your foes. Aiming is manual and especially when playing Cedrac ammo is scarce. Saving a game uses up a save medallion which can be found during the game.


  • Alone in the Dark 4: По ту сторону кошмара - Russian spelling
  • 鬼屋魔影4 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 鬼屋魔影4:惡夢之夜 - Taiwan spelling

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Average score: 76% (based on 69 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 118 ratings with 12 reviews)

Scarier than scary

The Good
This game is frightening, and for that I love it. I do not scare easily and this game makes me jump out of my skin. The game has a very eerie atmosphere which gives you the sensation that something is lurking in the shadows and is going to grab you.

That's because it is... and it's when you least expect it.

The game is well designed from ground up, and it's quite obvious from the start that you are playing a quality game in which the developers didn't rush through the production. Every detail is very well thought out and executed. The use of atmospheric horror music (more of a horror sound-scape than music) and the storyline contributes to the effective creepiness of this game, as do the graphics and graphical effects which are extremely intricate.

The story, too, is very well written. It's a progressively challenging game, employing the usage of puzzles, but is not ridiculously bogged down with them; and they're not extremely complicated. The puzzles are less complicated than trying not to waste your ammunition or first-aid kits by the end of the first disk!

The controls and cameras are perfect, and if you're using a dual-shock joy-pad (recommended) you can swing around a flashlight in 360 degree angles. There's plenty of horrific landscapes, monsters and other audio visual treats. The game is complete horror mind candy.

It completely surpasses the older Alone in the Dark versions for Macintosh and PC. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even resemble them. The New Nightmare is completely authentic, and extremely realistic (as compared to the older versions which had cartoon type monsters).

This is an amazing work for the Playstation platform (and other platforms) which should not be overlooked.

The Bad
I don't like how little ammunition and first-aid kits there are, but at the same time I love that there's just enough. It adds to the realism of the game.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that there isn't more of it to play.

The Bottom Line
An intoxicating, twisted horror game which encapsulates you into it's atmosphere, forcing you to become part of the game. You'll feel as if you're living inside a horror movie, complete with the horrific sound-scape, landscapes and psychology to complete your nightmarish world.

PlayStation · by Weird Ed (14) · 2004

A terrifyingly atmospheric game hampered by dated gameplay.

The Good

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is not a direct sequel to Alone in the Dark 2 nor is it related in any way to the previous entries in the series bar the inclusion of the main character. This title is more a rejuvenation of the series and a most belated one at that which features a marvellous scripted engine but somewhat rudimentary game play. The game begins with Edward Carnby heading to Shadow Island in search of his lost partner; Charles Fisk. What unfolds is a tremendously twisted narrative which is very well paced.


You can play as either Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac (a young archaeologist) and while the two characters play almost identically Aline's story is more focused on puzzle solving and less on combat. Viewing the narrative from the perspective of 2 characters is a great way to encourage players to keep playing the game and while you can get a good picture of the story playing through entirely as Edward to really understand Obed Morton's insane fascinations you must play through as Aline and interact with Lucy several times. Instead of your standard staple of "Zombie", "Dog" and "Special Monster" enemies the monsters you fight with in TNN are actually quite intelligently conceived and some have a sizeable backstory. For instance the Ophtalmacid (the Ophtal part of the name referring to eyes) is a creature that drags you down to it's level to feed on your eyes and you can find this out through discarded journals later in the game while following the long cold trail of an Explorer.


Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is a gorgeously moody game with a real Tim Burton feel to it. The game focuses heavily on paranoia and darkness and while some enemies are less adverse to light some can actually be destroyed by using it. The backgrounds are gorgeously high quality and fantastically rendered and character models are full of definition and are well animated. Particle effects are also fantastic and this really shows when wielding one of the games bigger weapons like the Plasma gun, which functions like a flamethrower.


Mentioned before the atmosphere of the game is immersive and terrifying. Augmented by the chilling, thumping soundtrack wind buffets tree branches and lightning fills a room with illumination followed by a deafening crack that echoes across the island. Then there are little touches here and there such as stepping into the wrong place and being surrounded by a group of enemies, accompanied by a shrill, piercing scream only for them to promptly disappear, leaving you a quivering mess.

The Bad
While the engine is solid there are noticeable problems with it. For instance you will notice there is some serious ghosting apparent when then camera angle is close to the character models. Waving arms leave a surreal trail and although this may have been intentional, if it wasn't it's a big oversight. Also the control scheme is dated and rudimentary. Apart from the standard context sensitive actions such as climbing and opening doors you really can't do much more than you could do in the original Resident Evil. You control well, but it just feels rudimentary. After finishing the game with both Edward and Aline there really is nothing else to do.

The Bottom Line
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is a fantastically rendered game that totally oozes style and atmosphere. It has a tight story, competent voice acting and a solid engine. Unfortunately the game is held back by the fact that is feels kind of rudimentary. When you come away from the experience it is like you are simply playing Resident Evil with a new skin. Things like being able to control your flashlight are really just little gimmicks that only prove useful once. TNN is a game you should own, only don't expect to go back to it too often.

PlayStation · by AkibaTechno (238) · 2009

Worse than the prequels, but still an okay game

The Good
My god I expected a lot out of this game. I'm a big fan of the Alone in the Dark series and when I heard the main guy behind the prequels also made this one I really thought this would be yet another super cool AitD game... but no, this world we live in is evil and all good games turn bad. It seems like the developers have played far too much Resident Evil when they made this game, it has far too many similarities.

But all in all, it's not that bad a game. The music's okay, the game is okay for playing through once with each character, but nothing more... and yeah, the graphics is more than okay too.

The Bad
Well, the game is basically Resident Evil only a lot better in comparison. It doesn't have any good storyline. The characters are dull and a big cliche. I was hoping to see once again the good old Edward Carnby in action, but it's just a different guy with the same name. Actually, they made a really silly addition to the storyline where they explained that every now and then a person called Edward Carnby is borned and is destined to rid the world of evil yaaaawn the last time I heard similar crap was when I playing Resident Evil. They should have called the main person something else so it wasn't an insult to the old cool Carnby.

There's also more things which seem to have taken from Resident Evil... the game is far more action oriented than the original AitD series, the puzzles are more rare and more simple in this game (though lightyears ahead of Resident Evil), the voice acting isn't exactly good, the storyline is crap (yeah, I mentioned this already, but it is really crap).

The game was released for quite a few machines, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, GBC and PC. Not often you see that... just too bad that the PC port in particular has some really bad flaws. It seems to have inherited the classic console gripes, almost no options, an extremely silly save system and horrible controls. This is nothing but an insult to pc users. And yeah, one thing, the pc port has far too big machine requirements. The PS1 is a very weak machine, yet they actually bothered to port it to that machine, why not have graphical options in the pc version to make it so it plays like the PS1 version and have small requirements? It shouldn't be hard... but nooo, they didn't do it, and you need a ninja pc to play it. Actually, if you have a weak computer you're better of buying the PS1 version and play it in an emulator, which is a real shame.

The Bottom Line
All in all, it's a nice game. It just isn't as good as the other Alone in the Dark games. Fortunately it's a thousand times better than the Resident Evil series. As I said earlier, it's nice to play the game through once and nothing more, if you aren't rich you should buy something better though. And yeah, Resident Evil fans (yeah, that means you weirdos in the corner of the room!) should definately get this one and see how Resident Evil should have been made.

PlayStation · by Kate Jones (416) · 2001

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4X movie compression

The 4X movie compression technology is only used in the Dreamcast version of the game.

Comic Book

This game had a cross-promotional "prequel" comic book, featuring Carnby and Aline Cedrac investigating in Tibet, published by Image Comics in September of 2002. The story was written by Jean-Marc Lofficier, while the illustrations were by Matt Haley and Aleksi Briclot.

Edward Carnby

Edward Carnby is the name of the protagonist in all of the Alone in the Dark games, yet AitD4 is set in the year 2001 whereas the original 3 titles were set in the 1920's. Carnby is also visibly younger in the forth title. The explanation on the game's official website (see links) is that every 40 years a man is awarded with the name Edward Carnby and that man will be destined to fight the forces of evil and darkness.


Developed with Terminal Reality's Nocturne Engine.


The name of one of the characters in Alone in the Dark: TNN is De Certo. This is a reference to the name of the ominous mansion in the original Alone in the Dark title, which was also called Decerto.

Information also contributed by n-n, Pseudo_Intellectual Sciere and Scott Monster

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