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Platform games starring Miner Willy. The first game in the series, Manic Miner, was inspired by Miner 2049er.


Mega-tree was the third in the Miner Willy series and was developed in 1984 by Matthew Smith, Marc Dawson and Stuart Fotheringham. According to Fotheringham, Software Project's management expected them to produce a quick sequel while the development team took their time to discuss gameplay and do research because they wanted to produce "the best and most innovative game of the time". In the end, they had only a single mock-up screen when the project progress was reviewed after three months, the game was cancelled and Fotheringham (probably Dawson, too) was fired.

Miner Willy Meets The Taxman is often cited as aka for Mega-tree, but according to Games That Weren't, it was an entirely different project which never left the planning stages.


Fan sequels and level editors for Jet Set Willy were released as early as 1985, thanks to the original game's relatively simple, unencrypted room data format. The series has a fairly robust fangame community to this day (2021).

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