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Video Game and Toy Softography


Fergus McGovern


Friday, 19 June 2009

The following video games and interactive toys named in this document have been developed by and credited to Fergus during his tenure at the following companies:

Probe Software (founder and owner) Probe Software Ltd (founder and owner) Probe Entertainment Ltd (founder and owner) Acclaim Entertainment Inc (Probe sold to Acclaim in 1995) HotGen Studios Ltd (founder and owner) HotGen Ltd (founder and owner)

Fergus McGovern

Fergus' position as one of the world's foremost game developers was cemented during his time as Founder and President of Probe Entertainment Limited; achieving retail sales in excess of US$2.4 billion for Probe's publishing partners. Probe was merged in October 1995 with a NASDAQ quoted US games Publisher. Fergus is now the President of HotGen and continues to work with some of the world's most successful entertainment franchises, achieving critical acclaim with a variety of global, chart topping products. Personally responsible for managing and co-ordinating the development of some of the most renowned titles launched into the market, Fergus brings to HotGen over 25 years of experience.

A softography of over 246 individual titles (i.e. Mortal Kombat is counted as one individual title, even though it was launched on 7 different hardware platforms) across multiple consoles, handheld, TV Games, mobile and PC platforms are as diverse as the colossal Pac Man, Star Wars, Die Hard Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 1 & 2, FIFA Soccer, Alien Trilogy, Terminator 1 & 2, Tony Hawk's, Barbie, Aladdin and the SpongeBob Square Pants, to name just a few.

HotGen is now developing and designing the award winning and highly successful range of plug and play “TV Games”, “TV Games Deluxe” and “TV Games Motion” for Jakks Pacific, Nintendo DS/DSi/DSiware titles and Apple iPhone/iTouch games.

Throughout his career, Fergus’ chart topping and award winning products have generated, at retail, in excess of US$4.5 billion of revenue for his Publishing and Toy partners.

Game Softography

1942 1942 1943 A Team AD&D Alien 3: Arcade Alien Trilogy Arcade Classics II Arkanoid Avatar * Back to the Future-Part 3 Barbie Pet Rescue Batman * Batman & Robin Batman 3 Batman Forever Beach Buggy Simulator Beauty and the Beast Bejeweled 2 Bobo Bob the Builder Body Count Bosconian Bond, Basildon Bond Brain & Brawn Brain Surge! Bram Stoker’s Dracula Bubble Bobble Bugs Bunny Bust-a-Move Brain Surge! Camp Rock Guitar Hero, featuring the Jonas Brothers Capcom Classics (3 titles) * California Games CD Rally Chase HQ 2: Special Criminal Investigation Commando Constructor (management) Constructor II (management) Cyberforce Daffy Duck Dan Dare II Defence 16 Demon’s Revenge Devil’s Crown Die Hard Trilogy Dig Dug Disney TV Games (five games) Disney Friends TV Games 2 (5 games) Disney Game Keys 1 (2 games) Disney Game Keys 2 (2 games) Dogs 1 & 2 Dynamic Duo Eggo Mania Escape from Alcatraz Explorer Extreme-G Extreme-G 2 Fantastic Four FIFA ‘96 FIFA Soccer The Flash Forsaken French Open Tennis Fruity Freak Bowling Galaga Galaxians Ghosts and Goblins G-Loc Golden Axe Gunship Harley Davidson Hannah Montana One in a Million 4 in 1 TV Game Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Deluxe Hannah Montana Deluxe 2 Hannah Montana Guitar Harvey Headbanger Heavy Metal Heretic Hexen High School Musical 3 Deluxe High School Musical / Hannah Montana 2 Deluxe Home Alone Hotwheels Extreme Racing Hurricanes Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Italia ‘90 Jelly Boy Jeremy McGrath Super MotoCross ‘98 Jetix Puzzle Buzzle J-League Soccer Judge Dredd Kelly Slater Pro Surfer Lemmings Loony Toons Paint Machines (management) Mappy Mat Hoffman Pro BMX Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2 Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Metrocross Mighty BombJack Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat I & II (same cartridge) Mortal Kombat II Mr Heli Ms Pac Man Ms Pac Man 7 Namco Arcade Games, wireless Namco 4 Namco Extreme 12 in 1 joystick New Rally-X NHL ‘96 NHL Ice Hockey Ninja Scooter Simulator North and South Oblido Operation Neptune Out Run Out Run Europa Overlord Pac-Man Pac-Man Arcade Gold (8 games) Pac-Man Extreme Pac-Man Plus Pac & Pal Pagemaster Phineas and Ferb (Motion) Petz Pony Club (DS) Pinball Classics (3 tables) Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Islands of Fortune Pole Position Pogostick Olympics Pokemon TV Games (not released) Power Rangers 2 Primal Rage Quartet Rad Ramp Racer Rainbow Islands Rally Championship, Mobil 1 Rally X Re-Volt Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking Road Rash Road Runner Roadblasters Robocop 3 Rygar Savage Sega Chess Seseme Street activities * Side Arms Sing Station: Country Sing Station: Pop Sim City Sky Sports Football Manager Slap Flight Sleeping Beauty Smash TV Solomon’s Key Solomon’s Key Spherical Spiderman 2, The Amazing * Spiderman (Motion) SpongeBob Square Pants (5 titles) SpongeBob Square Pants 2, Fry Cook Games (9 titles) SpongeBob Square Pants Game Keys 1 (2 titles) SpongeBob Square Pants Game Key 2 (2 titles) SpongeBob Square Pants 3 SpongeBob Square Pants: Bikini Bottom 500 (Motion) Star Wars: Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles Star Wars: Episode 1: Obi Wan’s Adventures Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Squadron (Motion) Stargate Stunt Bike Simulator Superman 3 Super Monaco GP Super Pac-Man Super Pac-Man Collection (4 games) Super Street Fighter 2 Supremacy Suzuki Moto Cross T2 – The Arcade Game Tecmo Bowl Tecmo Basketball Tecmo Fire ‘n’ Ice Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – The Arcade Game Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – The Coin Op Tenka The Incredible Hulk The Price is Right The Terminator Thomas the Tank * Tin Tin on the Moon Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Toy Story 3 (Motion) Turbo Out Run Turrican Ultra Soccer Uno Virtual Soccer Virtual Soccer II Visionary Viz Vmigo Dogs Vmigo Cats Wasteland Wall-e (Pixar/Disney) WDF Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune 2 Willy Wino’s Stagnight WWE X Men: Children of the Atom Xevious Xevious

*Forms part of the Jakks Pacific “plug and play” TV Games joysticks range including TV Games Motion. Each game has one or more games per pack and also includes the higher priced Deluxe product range.

The above titles have been developed across a multitude of home computers, consoles, TV Games, PCs, mobile phones and on-line platforms. In some cases, a title maybe developed across 7 individual hardware platforms.


20 licensed Telestory interactive reading books for Jakks Pacific, Inc.


Brain Surge!

Total franchises developed : No. 246

Credited on 16 games

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Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing (2001, PlayStation) Thanks
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (2001, Game Boy Color) Special Thanks to
Mobil 1 Rally Championship (2000, PlayStation) Executive Producer
The Fantastic Four (1997, PlayStation) Studio Manager
Primal Rage (1995, Jaguar) Super Producer
Jelly Boy (1994, SNES) Guvnor
Jelly Boy (1994, Game Boy) Guvnor
Alien³ (1993, NES) Design Support
Alien³ (1992, SEGA Master System) Design Support
The Terminator (1992, Genesis) Quality Assurance
Alien³ (1992, Commodore 64) Design Support
Golden Axe (1990, ZX Spectrum) Thanks to
Overlord (1990, Commodore 64) Directed by
Savage (1988, ZX Spectrum) The poor old guy who got all the hassle and high blood pressure!
Metro Cross (1987, Commodore 64) High Score Table
OutRun (1987, Amstrad CPC) With No Thanks at all to

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