Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.


Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is one of the largest publishing and distribution houses in North America and was originally founded in 1993 by Ryan Brant. The company has an extensive portfolio of games and IP, mostly through the acquisition of development studios. Its strongest asset is the wholly-owned Rockstar Games, Inc., which houses a large amount of development studios responsible for the acclaimed games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The company entered the European publishing and distribution business in 1997 through the acquisition of GameTek UK Ltd., which was renamed Take-Two Interactive Software Europe Ltd.

In 2002 the publishing label Gotham Games was launched. In 2004 the company established 2K Sports as a label for sports games, mostly a continuation of the 2K series by Visual Concepts Entertainment. One year later, in 2005, 2K Games was formed, the company's most important publishing label. In 2007 the casual games publishing label 2K Play was launched.

Acquired development studios

Established development studios

Other acquisitionsThe company was also involved with video game peripherals through its wholly-owned Joytech subsidiary, until it was sold to Mad Catz Interactive in September 2007.

In February 2008 Electronic Arts set its sights on the company and most importantly the Rockstar studios it owns, mostly in response of the merger between Activision and Vivendi, but eventually in October 2008 it was confirmed there was no agreement.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus(2016)
Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution 2(2014)
Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition(2010)
Serious Sam: Gold(2010)
Grand Theft Auto IV(2008)
Go Diego Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue(2008)
NBA 2K9(2008)
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization(2008)
Sid Meier's Civilization IV(2007)
Sid Meier's Pirates!: Live the Life(2007)
Myth II: Soulblighter(2007)
Show, The(2007)
X-COM: UFO Defense(2007)
911 First Responders(2006)
Torino 2006(2006)
Cross Racing Championship 2005(2005)
School Tycoon(2005)
Emergency 3(2005)
Sacred Plus(2004)
Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire(2004)
Kohan II: Kings of War(2004)
Holiday World(2004)
Port Royale 2(2004)
Serious Sam: Next Encounter(2004)
MTV Celebrity Deathmatch(2003)
FireFly Studios' Stronghold Warchest(2003)
Midnight Club II(2003)
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life (Deluxe Edition)(2003)
Football Generation(2003)
Sternenschiff Catan: Das Strategische Weltraumabenteuer(2003)
Duke Nukem Advance(2002)
FireFly Studios' Stronghold Deluxe(2002)
Big Bass Fishing(2002)
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter(2002)
Mall Tycoon(2002)
UEFA Champions League Season 2001/2002(2002)
State of Emergency(2002)
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life(2002)
Spec Ops: Airborne Commando(2002)
Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe(2002)
Tzar: The Burden of the Crown(2002)
Saltwater Sportfishing(2001)
Hidden & Dangerous(2001)
Martian Gothic: Unification(2001)
Trade Empires(2001)

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Take-Two received the following Awards from the German online magazine 4Players:
  • Best Developer of 2005
  • #2 Best Publisher of 2006.
  • Best Publisher of 2007

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