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Intense, atmospheric, action-packed goodness DOS אולג 小奥 (168918)
Cult game DOS Maw (849)
Simply put, one of the most important FPS games of all time. DOS Stijn Daneels (17)
Polished, beautiful dark mind-raping masterpiece DOS Aapo Koivuniemi (43)
A pointless money grab of a port for a console that didn't need it. SNES AkibaTechno (228)
A valiant effort, doesn't quite cut it SNES jTrippy (63)
Don't move, just stay where you are. 3DO Fiery Penguin (3)
One of the few good games for Jaguar Jaguar Teddy Ruxpin (140)
Solid version of Doom but lacking in some areas. Game Boy Advance Sycada (175)
The perfect shooter for the perfect handheld Game Boy Advance phlux (4143)

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Platform Votes Score
3DO 20 2.7
DOS 327 4.0
Game Boy Advance 47 3.2
Jaguar 35 3.3
Linux 12 4.0
PC-98 3 4.7
SEGA 32X 38 3.0
SNES 57 2.8
Windows 108 3.8
Combined MobyScore 647 3.7

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SEGA 32XSega Force
Folket på SEGA vet vad de gör när Doom blir ett av de första liren på 32X. För Doom är snyggt, svårt, ondskefullt och vanebildande, och alla är vi väl lite svaga för den mörka sidan...eller? Om inte, så kan man ju alltid leka dunder-inkvisitor, och då är detta kanske ett spel för Livets Ord. Jag säger bara: köp en 32X och Doom - eller dö HÅRT! Ia urz naagha...
Sure, it was quite violent, though compared to most Movies, TV, and the evening news, it was a walk in the park. It's effective feeling of an interactive Schwarzenegger film was appealing to any action movie fan. Personally, I didn't like the finale of the game, nor its evolving story (the preface in the game manual was However, it inspired so many, many, many award-caliber fare in later years, including Star Wars Dark Forces, the cowboy western Outlaws, and 3D mystery adventures like Pandora Directive. This demands that the game, if just for its technology, deserves a Deep Impact rating, regardless of two or three teen psychos that illegally played it (it's labeled for sale only to ages 17 and up). One thing is certain: To say Doom didn't have a "deep impact" on the gaming community would be quite an understatement.
With 24 levels, mazes that, at times, seem endless and puzzles that need solving, DOOM is the type of game that'll keep you occupied for weeks. And give you nightmares in the process.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US)
Join the Space Marines! Travel to exotic worlds, meet new creatures and shoot them. It's time to lock and load Doom into a 32X and enjoy the game Wolfenstein built. This Doom sports fewer levels and less complex graphics than the PC or Jaguar versions, but it still has the chops!
JaguarVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
I'm telling you now; you can keep your fighting game knock-offs and your action/platforms. This industry needs creativity to survive and there's no better yardstick of that right now than Doom. So what are you waiting for? Set the magazine down and run, don't walk, to the nearest retailer to pick up a copy of Doom. You can thank me later.
DOSTop Secret
W "Wolfenstein - a" i "Spear of Destiny" grał każdy. Po nich pojawiło się sporo podobnych gier, z których tylko "Terminator Rampage" był krokiem naprzód (bardzo powolnym krokiem, dodajmy). Jednak firma ID Software (autor "Wolf - a" i "SOD") nie spoczęła na laurach i wydała "Doom - a" - kamień milowy w dziedzinie gier trójwymiarowych o płynnej grafice.
Pelimaailma esitetään pelaajan näkökulmasta. Ruudun alareunassa näkyy pelaajan terveys, käytettävissä olevat aseet ja suojavarusteiden kunto, sekä muuta tarpeellista tietoa. Halutessaan pelaaja voi kytkeä pelin täysruutumoodiin, jolloin pelinäkymä täyttää koko monitorin. Sammuttakaa valot, pistäkää kuulokkeet päähän ja pelatkaa täysnäytöllä. Heikoimmalla lätisee huonot housun saumaan. Doom on pelattavuudeltaan, grafiikaltaan, musiikiltaan ja tunnelmaltaan ennen näkemättömän upea.
Hacer un buen juego, sea el año que sea, es una tarea complicada, pero que puede hacerse. Hacer un gran juego es aún más complicado, pero sigue siendo algo posible. Conseguir que un gran juego se torne en un pilar imprescindible de un género, es algo que pocos consiguen.
DOSJoystick (French)
Doom est un jeu gigantesque, une merveille de technique et d'ambiance qui emballera tous les amateurs de jeu d'action !
JaguarConsoles Plus
Avec le mode 2 joueurs, Doom est encore meilleur. Voilà une bonne raison d'acheter une Jaguar (et même deux)!
SEGA 32XPlayer One
Doom sur 32X est une prouesse technique de toute beauté. Si vous ne connaissez pas ce jeu mythique sur PC, vous risquez de tomber sous son charme... gore !
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Mehr als ein Labyrinthspiel ist Doom eigentlich nicht. Oder etwa doch? Vielleicht ist das Spiel auch - und wieder einmal - der Vorreiter einer neuen Generation von Computerspielen. Die virtuellen Umgebungsgrafiken geben bereits einen Vorgeschmack auf das, was der oft mißbrauchte Begriff “Virtual Reality“ einmal werden könnte. Die technische Umsetzung setzt neue Maßstäbe und das Shareware-Konzept in Verbindung mit dem unglaublich fairen Registrierungspreis tun ein übriges. Leider muß ich auch bei Doom wieder einmal eine Warnung an alle Eltern aussprechen: Mit der Gewalt wurde bei ID ziemlich gedankenlos umgegangen. Es fließt mehr Blut als in vielen Actionfilmen; wer lange genug sucht, findet sogar eine Motorsäge, mit der er sich an den zuckenden Leibern der Aliens vergehen kann. Doom wäre auch ohne solch unnötige Brutalitäten zum technisch ausgereiftesten Actionspiel unserer Zeit geworden.
DOSGénération 4
Doom est un shareware qui risque de faire un tabac et de bousculer les grands. Les autres vont faire badadoom !
DOSPower Unlimited
Doom veroorzaakte een revolutie op het gebied van games. De driedimensionale weergave was ongekend en je kon met z'n vieren over een netwerk deathmatchen. Hierna zou het gros van de PC-spellen op Doom lijken.
DOSThe Games Machine (Italy)
DOOM è una vera e propria rivoluzione: dopo pile su pile di avventure, giochi di ruolo, simulazioni e giochi pesanti in genere, ecco imporsi un vero e proprio arcade dal ritmo sostenuto, coinvolgente e studiato nei minimi particolari.
Game Boy AdvanceGamezilla
This game is rated T for Teen, so I cannot recommend it for everyone, but if you are old enough, this will be a hot title on your wish list. This is one game that does not get warm and fuzzy on you. I am glad "Id and Activision" decided to release this game for the GBA. I love first person shooters and this was just one more chance to get into the fray again. Still a great game! Score 94: well done, nicely ported over and well suited to the platform. It also happens to be my favorite GBA title now.
SNESGameFan Magazine
I've now played three versions of Doom: PC, Jag and 32X. I am indeed growing weary of this title. I'll say this, if you have never played Doom on anything else, you will be in awe of this title. It's a tad more pixely than it's big brothers and void of some textures, but oddly. it has the best soundtrack of the bunch. Also, unlike certain other versions, this one has every level and boss. The FX-2 is quite the power chip. The SNES is deep.
DOSASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Tatsächlich ist das Spiel technisch eine Meisterleistung. Die Grafik beeindruckt, der Sound kommt ordentlich, aber das Scrolling ist schlichtweg eine Wucht. Butterweich, sage ich nur. Auch die Atmosphäre ist toll: Ungemein spannend gestaltet sich der Marsch durch die finsteren Katakomben des Marsmonds, und fast fühlt man sich wie Ltd. Ripley (Alien), wenn Türen plötzlich auf- und zugehen und Säure von der Decke tropft.
JaguarMega Fun
Doom versöhnt alle Jaguar-Besitzer. Wenn es ein Spiel gibt, das Ataris Raubkatze wirklich ausreizt, dann ist es, neben Tempest 2000, zweifellos dieses 32 MBit-Monster von id; und wer die ersten Levels erkundet hat wird sein (innig geliebtes) AvP wohl nur noch als Türstopper mißbrauchen, denn Doom ist einfach obergrell. Gerade die spielerische Tiefe ist es, die den Reiz dieses Moduls ausmacht.
DOSJust Games Retro
Ya know, Doom's a great game, but I didn't need to tell you that. I could also get into the brilliance of its multiplayer, and how it essentially invented network play, but that would be a whole other diatribe. I'm not going to get into recommendations here, because if you've wanted to play it, well, you have. If for some reason you haven't, I'll just say that if you think you'll like Doom, you will brother, you will.
I played through the shareware campaign before writing this. And even reading this over I don’t really feel I’ve given this game justice. If you feel you want to give doom a try, its available on Steam, under the title Ultimate Doom, which contains an episode that wasn’t available at the original release.
Ayant contribué à la démocratisation des FPS, Doom, digne héritier de Wolfenstein 3D qui créa les fondations de son succès, fait partie de ces jeux qui ont marqué l’histoire et permis au genre de prendre son envol. id Software a été fort inspiré de permettre à la communauté de créer son propre contenu et de faire évoluer le jeu à sa guise, hissant ainsi le soft au panthéon des jeux de tir en vue subjective. A la fois accessible et exigeant, Doom vous procurera de nombreuses montée d’adrénaline et quelques moments de frayeur. Il serait vraiment dommage de se priver de cette expérience inoubliable.
JaguarElectric Playground
That said, I would like to start things off by saying that both the Jag and SNES versions of the game are amazing. Obviously, the Jag version of the game is better, but the 16 bit SNES port does have a few things over it's 64 bit (for purposes of getting through this review without putting anyone to sleep, I'll use Atari's math) rival.
JaguarGamePro (US)
Finally, many Doomers would argue that the game found it's ultimate expression as a multiplayer "fragfest" played over a modem or network. While Doom by modem is planned for the Jaguar and Cooperative and Death Match modes are included on the cart, modem support won't be ready until January. Either way, you can't go wrong. Doom is a memorable experience when played solo. With another player, it should be absolutely wicked.
DOSPlay Time
Actionspiele werden offensichtlich immer perfekter. Doom setzt diesem Genre die Krone auf - alle Vorgänger wirken dagegen farblos, spannungslos, harmlos.
Prêts pour un petit bond de plus de 10 ans en arrière ? Je me nomme Our Hero (bah oui, on fait ce qu’on peut), j’ai beaucoup moins de pixels qu’aujourd’hui, la souris n’est pas mon amie, et je ne fais que trois têtes différentes : en forme, blessé, mort. J’étais peut-être limité, mais moi, je suis un précurseur d’un genre nouveau, et toc. En effet, même si on parle parfois aussi de Wolfenstein 3D, c’est Doom qui a lancé le genre du FPS.
JaguarAtari Inside
Das ist Jaguar-Power pur! Das Kult- und Lieblingsspiel der BPS ist seit geraumer Zeit auch für den Jaguar erhältlich. Diese Version zeigt die gewaltige Rechenpower der Raubkatze. Doom läuft in 16-Bit-High-Color (65536 Farben) und macht einen schnelleren Eindruck als auf dem PC, obwohl hier nicht nur in einem kleinen Window, sondern auf der gesamten Bildschirmfläche gespielt wird. Insgesamt enthält dieses 32 Mbit-Monster-Modul 23 Level + verstecktem Bonuslevel, der in jeweils drei Level gefunden werden kann. Jeder dieser Level ist bis ins letzte Detail perfekt durchdesignt. Es gibt sowohl Schlüssel, Waffen, Heal-Packs sowie etliche Geheimgänge in den einzelnen Level.
SEGA 32XMega Fun
id Software läßt der Konkurrenz nicht den Hauch einer Chance; ausgereifteres Leveldesign, intelligentere Gegner, detailliertere Grafik, realistischere Soundkulisse, durchdachtere Geheimräume, butterweicheres Scrolling, Doom ist einfach überlegen. Eine derartige Atmosphäre findet Ihr in keinem anderen 3D-Shoot'em Up.
SEGA 32XGameFan Magazine
I'm become accustomed to seeing new systems come out with horrible "games" imaginable, but the 32X is the complete opposite! With Doom, you get about 75% of the PC original's greatness (er, not counting the background music) for a tenth of the price. Hey...I'm there!
DOSPower Play
Vorsicht, extreme Suchtgefahr! Doom knallt direkt in Euer Kleinhirn und weckt dort den rasenden Wahnsinn. Ich habe auf dem PC noch kein Actionspiel gesehen, das atmosphärisch, technisch und spielerisch so viel geboten hätte wie Doom: Man macht sich vor Spannung fast in die Hose und schaltet den Rechner nicht eher aus, bis alle Welten vom Bösen befreit sind.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target
If your friends have Doom as well then you are in for quite a treat. Doom includes a four-player deathmatch mode that is playable via an advance link cable. Although things are certainly fun, things feel dry do to the fact that there is no statistic information available during the game. The ultimate topper is that two buddies can go through the game co-op style, though it’s not possible to save during play. While things are bare in what the multiplayer games offer, they do boast a load of excitement and fun, making the entire mode one of the best parts of the game.
Game Boy
Doom avait déjà été adapté sur une dizaines de machines à l'exception notable d'une console portable. C'est chose faite sur la Gameboy Advance. Un jeu à ne pas manquer pour tous ceux qui ont été des fans du jeu originel sur PC, et un très bon jeu GBA pour tous les autres. Techniquement superbe, merci Id Software !
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Schnell, hart, gut: Doom setzt neue Maßstäbe für 3D-Actionspiele. Die brillante Technik läßt Shadow Caster, Terminator und Konsorten wie müde Spaziergänge aussehen.
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone
If you bought a Game Boy Advance for fun and excitement, then you must not live without Doom. Heck, if you bought a GBA just because your friends did, you still should not live without Doom. There have been a lot of great games worth praising this year, but none of them are nearly as exciting as Doom. I don't think I've ever been this enthusiastic about a game before, especially a first-person shooter. Doom has always been my favorite FPS though, and now it's back and better than ever. Grab a link cable and pick up a copy of Doom as soon as you can. It doesn't disappoint.
SEGA 32XElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Oh, yeah! Hours of fun! Just the thing a person needs after a rough day! This isn't the PC version, but it still does a great job with the first-person, point-the-weapon-and-shoot idea. This has to be the ultimate stress reliever!
Game Boy AdvanceGame Over Online
While the graphics aren’t as smooth as they should be and some of the levels have been edited for content, Doom still shines when it comes to its frenetic and exciting gameplay. Yes, there’s a been-there-done-that feeling to the game, but if you’re a fan of Doom and can overlook that fact, you’ll be in for one hell of a nostalgic ride. It’s not perfect, but if you’re looking for an action game for your Game Boy Advance, Doom is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Liker du FPS'er, og ikke sier nei takk til en dose skumle miljøer og fiender satt i kombinasjon med et heftig våpenarsenal og litt satan-tilbedinger her og der, er dette et spill du bør prøve. De fleste har en eller annen gang testet denne tittelen, det bør du også gjøre. Instant classic!
DOSSvenska Hemdatornytt
Texturmappningen är så imponerande att det är svårt att tänka sig hur de lyckats. Ljuskällorna ger en hel del realism till spelet. Ljuset slår inte på väggarna på samma sätt någonstans och ju längre ifrån en ljuskälla man kommer desto mörkare blir det. Det här spelet får Wolfenstein att se gammalt och segt ut.
"So viel Text für solch ein Spiel", mag lediglich ein jemand denken, der DOOM nie selbst gespielt hat und/oder zu jung ist und nur den neuesten Vertreter der Reihe kennt. Ich glaube, ich spreche hier im Namen der gesamten PC-Spieler-Gemeinde, wenn ich sage: DOOM ist Kult und auf Ewig wird man sich an dieses Spiel erinnern.
While not quite up to the high standards of the PC and Jaguar versions, DOOM mach 32X is still one of the most intense and challenging shooters around, and easily the best the 32X has to offer thus far.
Game Boy (UK)
Dave Palmer and the boys have done a solid job of converting id's seminal shooter to the GameBoy Advance, with only a few frame rate issues and the weak ending letting it down. The game itself is fairly short, but with a choice of four difficulty settings and the addition of two player co-operative and four player deathmatch options via the link cable, there's plenty here to keep you coming back for more.
Game Boy AdvancePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
La jouabilité est parfaite et instinctive. On se sert des décors pour se protéger et même, parfois, pour faire encore plus de dégâts. En effet, il est possible de faire exploser des bidons d’essence et tout ce qui se trouve à proximité immédiate. L’agressivité des monstres n’a d’égal que leur laideur et le dernier niveau de difficulté proposé (parmi un choix de quatre), Nightmare, est comme son nom l’indique un véritable cauchemar. Heureusement, il est possible de sauvegarder à la fin de chaque niveau, ce qui n’est pas un luxe !
Overall, Doom for the Sega 32x is a solid game. The controls are responsive, the graphics show off what the 32x is capable of, the levels are fun and well designed, and the dark atmosphere still feels fresh today. If you’re looking for the definitive version of Doom, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for a fun 32x game, you’ve hit the jackpot.
DOSHigh Score
Det är inte särskilt sofistikerat, men är det hysterisk, huvudlös action man är ute efter, så finns det knappast något bättre.
SEGA 32XVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
For anyone who's never played Doom, this is pure gaming pleasure. The unbelievably blood-wrenching, violent, pulse-pounding action cannot be matched by any game for any system and I'm not exaggerating.
JaguarJust Games Retro
It's only recently that console ports have been expected to have some form of unique content or a reimagining of its computer-based original to make them worth purchasing. In 1994, it was enough of an accomplishment simply to have a cheap(er) console accurately play a game designed for the PC. That's what you get with the Jaguar port; nothing more, nothing less. The PC original still feels more polished since it was the intended and designed system, but if this was your only option, it was and still is a great way to play Doom.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendoWorldReport
It’s an absolute thrill to see and play this game on a portable system. Until now this was something that could only be done on a PC or home console. The only real draw-back is the game’s information-less multi-player system and the fact that nothing new is offered over the original Doom release, resulting in a been there, done that feel for Doom veterans. However, if you’re a rabid FPS fan or new to Doom you should definitely enjoy this game.
There's a strong reason that Doom is still a well-respected and commonly played game. Whereas it didn't invent the FPS genre, it certainly put it on the map.
DOSAll Game Guide
If you like Quake and Duke Nukem, there is no way you can't like Doom, one of the original first-person shoot-em-up games created (Wolfenstein started it, baby!). The good thing about game designers is that they know what the public wants: a place to release their pent-up agression and frustrations. What better way to express your inner rage than in the corridors and catacombs of Doom?
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US)
Activision brings id Software’s classic FPS to the GBA, complete with the frenetic pace and carnage that blistered thumbs, fried synapses, and outraged parents back in 1993. Twenty-four of the original’s 29 labyrinthine levels with indoor and outdoor environments, spiraling staircases, Satanic pentagrams, and secret doors have been beautifully translated. The wall and floor textures are impressive, but tenebrous tones in some levels make it hard to see where you’re going on the tiny GBA screen. Though switching weapons with the directional pad and both shoulder buttons takes a little time to get the hang of, the control scheme is tight and simple. Some may find the game’s nonstop action a little repetitive, but gamers looking for a healthy dose of brutal handheld nostalgia can do no better.
Dieses erstaunlich preiswerte Spektakel ist das, was "Terminator Rampage" gern gewesen wäre - ein heiβer Action-Dungeon, dem wohl bald die Versiegelung durch die BPS droht.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
On the Martian military colony of Phobos, a horde of hellish demons has obliterated the entire human population, save for one lowly space marine--you. Stranded alone, you're out to reap some revenge and flee with your hide intact. The single-player portion of Doom features 24 full levels of shotgun-toting, plasma-blasting 3D shooter action--but that's not all. Each level also supports four-player deathmatch or two-player cooperative modes with the use of a link cable. Despite a few minor alterations from the PC version, this handheld port contains the same gory gameplay that helped its ancestor launch a genre.
SEGA 32XPower Unlimited
Als logische tegenreactie op de devotie van Ben voor Doom moest ik er niet zoveel van hebben toen het op de PC uitkwam. Dat rare gepiel op het keyboard en die God-mode cheats. Maar zelf spelend op de Megadrive 32X begon ik de lol er wel van in te zien, vooral toen voornoemde expert me in level 5 de kettingzaag aanwees. Het is leuk af en toe een moordlustige freak te zijn, blijkt.
SNESElectric Playground
No matter how you slice it, Doom is a fantastic game. It has survived many interpretations and I'm sure it will spawn many more (visions of playing the game on a Swatch watch are dancing in my brain). The absolute best way to enjoy the game, however, is on your PC playing against another person who is connected via modem. Everyone knows that. The home systems, no matter how good they currently are, just can't duplicate the PC experience of Doom. Yet.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine
Even with a handful of miniscule changes, Doom remains immensely entertaining. In my opinion, just seeing this technology in action is worth the price of admission.
SNESGame Players
The bottom line is that if you've never played Doom before and a Super NES is all you've got (and face it, that's what Williams is banking on and there are a lot of gamers like that out there), then by all means, knock yourself out. Doom is Doom and you'll have a blast. If you have other options, though, think of this as a last resort.
JaguarGame Zero
By far superior to all other home systems, this version of Doom still doesn't match the PC original. If you don't have access to a PC, you can't go wrong on this classic. I found the lack of music to be the biggest downfall to this otherwise wonderful game.
It's just a shame that the number of enemies is fairly limited. After a while, the multiple pump-action, blood-spraying demise of yet another pink monster is only marginally satisfying. lf whenever you turned a corner you could be met by some new, more grotesque|y deformed creature than the last, then at least Doom could boast that it had replaced gameplay with real horror. As it is, once the power of Doom's graphics has worn off (they're amazing, so give that at least a week or two), you’lI be longing for something new in this game. lf only you could talk to these creatures, then perhaps you could try and make friends with them, form alliances... Now, that would be interesting.
SEGA 32XSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Au final cette version de Doom est une franche réussite. Parfaitement fluide, avec une résolution satisfaisante et des contrôles parfaitement bien pensés, le plaisir de jeu est immédiat. On pourra regretter que le contenu soit un peu faible, mais l'absence de temps de chargement et la bonne qualité de l'expérience dans son ensemble justifient bien cette lacune, d'autant plus qu'une cartouche n'a pas les capacités de stockage d'un CD. Autant d'éléments qui font de ce Doom sur 32X une réussite, et étant donné son faible prix il serait dommage de se priver.
SEGA 32XAll Game Guide
Despite its shortcomings, the 32X's version of Doom does have quite a bit going for it. For instance, all of the gore is there. And with it comes the satisfaction of releasing all anger on a bunch of really ugly monsters from another dimension. It's just flat-out fun, folks. Even if it is missing a few pieces.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine
Doom on GBA is not a bad version of the PC classic at all, but it is painfully dark and I found it unplayable unless you pump up the brightness and switch to static lighting. Sure this makes the graphics a tad washed out, but it’s a small price to pay for FPS mayhem on the go.
SNESGamePro (US)
Doom is an entertaining game, but lack of control nearly seals it's fate (unlike the 32X and Jaguar versions or the similar Wolfenstein 3-D for the SNES). However, this game is probably the most fun you can have with loaded weapons without getting hurt.
Game Boy AdvanceDigital Press - Classic Video Games
If you have to take Doom on the road then this is it. This is a great translation that only suffers from some odd deletions and censorship (which gives it a "Teen" rating from the ESRB). It's not a perfect port thanks to the reduction in resolution. The frame rate trade off is more than worth compensation. It could be just a direct port of the Super NES version, and that would lend itself to far more criticism.
JaguarElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Although Doom is a good visual representation of the incredible PC game, there are some notable losses that diminish the fun factor. Most notably, some of the levels have been axed. Also, the music is missing, although it was never anything exciting anyway. The control is decent, but it does take some time to get used to the slippery control. Otherwise, it's a decent game and one of the better ones to come out for the Jag.
JaguarDefunct Games
Doom on the Jaguar misses the online boat, but it does feature quite a few features new to the home consoles. For the first time, Doom was playable in FULL SCREEN FORMAT! Plus there wasn't any music, which by the way is a major improvement! Some of the levels and characters had changed a little, but the game was still a load to play. This is not THE first person shooter to own on the Jaguar, perhaps on the 32x, but not on the Jaguar. If you're looking for a good first person shooter, look no further than Alien vs. Predator!
Game Boy AdvanceSuper Play
Att i rollen som marinsoldat i Doom till Game Boy Advance springa omkring i de inte alltför stora, inte alltför mörka rummen är en fröjd både för ögonen och fingrarna. Kontrollmässigt fungerar det oväntat bra, eftersom axelknapparna är perfekta att röra sig i sidled med. De gånger jag står och trampar med ansiktet mot väggen beror det återigen på kombinationen mörka korridorer och liten skärm utan belysning. Doom kanske fortfarande är lite för stort för det lilla formatet.
SEGA 32XDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There's not much left to discuss here. Doom can be dissected quickly and easily since everyone reading this has taken a shot a raving mad zombie soldier. If the missing levels are a problem for you, just head somewhere else. This is an average port, and not the replacement for the PC version you're looking for.
JaguarDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Of course, the best way to play this one is the PC version. The Jaguar port is one of the better renditions of the classic game on a console (especially as far as cartridge versions are concerned). This will all depend of course on whether or not you can locate the overlays and can live without the music. If not, and you're dying for some FPS action, then there is always a blistering translation of Wolfenstein on the Jaguar that is just superb.
SEGA 32XDefunct Games
This game is a little different than the Jaguar counterpart. It is a little slower, and is not full screen. It also has the music, which some people may like, but I really don't want to meet these people. The game lacks the multiplayer aspect, and really isn't as much fun to play as I remember it. The control is better suited for the game than the mouse and keyboard, believe it or not, and how many first person shooters can you say that about?
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This is a pretty good job considering it's a Super NES cartridge trying to hold all the info of a computer game. However, the graphics are very pixelated and it is quite hard to see and interact with enemies from a distance. The overall engine and structure is very Doom-like, but it can't help but be visually compared to other platforms. The soundtrack is done very well and it handles decently. The looks are the major drawback for this veteran of the computer version.
SNESSuper Power (Sweden)
Allt som är bra i PC-versionen är borta: Spelkontrollen (jag skäms för att säga det, men kontrollen i Doom till PC är mycket bättre än SNES:ens) och grafiken har blivit ett huvudvärksframkallande jytter till SNES:en. Dessutom har man censurerat bort allt blodet. Som det ser ut nu, tycker jag inte att konsolvärlden verkar vara mogen för den här typen av lir... än.
JaguarThe Video Game Critic
There are better versions of Doom out there, but this one certainly gets the job done.
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic
This is a respectable version of the classic first-person shooter. There are plenty of levels (from both Doom 1 and 2), a cool map feature, excellent sounds effects, fast gameplay, and smooth animation. Unfortunately, due to the 32X limitations, you don't get the full screen view. There is a thick border which makes your view significantly smaller. This doesn't ruin the gameplay though, which is best suited to the six-button controller. But let's face it, you can pick up much better versions of this game.
Doom on the 32X was the system's first major disappointment and a harbinger of problems to come. If this PC game, designed to run on a wide swath of machines, could not be decently ported to the 32X without significant sacrifices, then the add-on was in trouble. While the port is competent and, to a degree, playable, it's still hardly worth tracking down for your library.
3DOGameFan Magazine
OK, here's a quick test to see if you'd like Doom for 3DO. Play any version of Doom and blink real fast. Kinda hard to see what's going on? Doesn't make this game very fun, eh? Well, that's exactly what the 3DO version looks like in motion. Of course, you could always shrink the screen size to raise the frame rate, but I don't think any fan would enjoy playing Doom on a postage-stamp sized window. Suddenly, the SNES version's starting to look real good...
Game Boy AdvanceThunderbolt Games
Doom, the grandaddy of all shooters, the first real first person shooter. But will the GameBoy Advance do the legend justice? Well, first of all, I have to admit that I haven't played on the original PC version that much, so I'm going to try to treat this like any other game. The trouble is, Doom feels like a port, not a fresh new version of an old game.
Doom was a spectacular smash hit with gamers, and single-handedly changed the course of video game development. After a substantial length of time without any revolution in the industry, gamers swallowed the Doom Kool-Aid by the bucketful, and this game marked the beginning of a whole new era with a whole new genre that still reigns supreme to this day: the first-person shooter.
3DOGamePro (US)
Doom lands on the 3DO with a thud. This version is awful, it just for the fact you can only get fluid gameplay by shrinking the window to the size of a stamp - any bigger and the picture gets so choppy, it's unplayable. The sound and controls are average, but this is the worst console version of Doom so far.
There's a difference between bad games and games that just shouldn't have been made. The SNES port of Doom fits into the latter category. I don't know that anyone other than the greatest Doom fanatics would want to play this game (it did come out nearly two years after the PC version) unless they compulsively NEED to play everything related to their avatar of games. And those people would be utterly offended at this atrocious trash. I know I am. I can excuse horrible fan-made levels because they were made out of love by people who just didn't have the talent to create something worth playing. This is infinitely worse -- a shoddy attempt to port a classic game to a system incapable of handling it in order to make money. It's nothing more than a slap in the face to fans of Doom.
3DOThe Video Game Critic
Of all the versions I've played of Doom (and I've played most of them) this 3DO edition has got to be the sorriest. The first thing I noticed was how the screen was severely cropped, despite the fact the screenshots on the box provide no indication of this! That goes beyond false advertising - it's a boldface lie! The lack of full screen support is bad enough, but the 3DO even struggles to render the action on the small screen! My friend Scott exclaimed, "I'm already seeing slow-down, and there aren't even any monsters yet!" The textures look alright, but the uneven frame-rate is enough to make you queasy. When ambushed by a band of imps, the game practically comes to a stand-still. Intermittent disc accesses throughout add additional hiccups. I expected the 3DO to excel in the control department, considering its controllers have shoulder buttons to facilitate strafing. Sadly, the controls feel mushy and unresponsive.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Playing Doom on the SNES is like playing Warcraft on the Saturn. Sure it's possible, but why subject yourself to such a poor version of the game?? I suppose back in 1993 this cartridge allowed people without a PC get a taste of what this popular first person shooter was all about, but this is downright shoddy compared to the real thing. The graphics are terribly pixilated, the animation is choppy, and your movements lag far behind your commands. It's a real mess, and I couldn't stomach it for more than a few minutes. The best thing I can say about Doom for the SNES is that it comes in a snazzy-looking red cartridge. In 2003, there's really no good reason to play this game, considering any other version is going to be far better. Why are you even still reading this review? There's nothing to see here - please disperse.