Descent Credits (Macintosh)

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Descent Credits

Parallax Credits

Original DesignMichael Kulas, Matthew Toschlog
Macintosh ProgrammingMark Allender
Additional Macintosh ProgrammingDavid Denhart
Macintosh ArtworkAdam Pletcher
Original PC VersionMatthew Toschlog, Michael Kulas, John Slagel, Adam Pletcher, Che-Yuan Wang, Mark Allender, Robert Huebner, Mark Dinse, Jasen Whiteside, Chris O'Connor, Eric Brosius, Scott Bennie, Josh White

For MacPlay

Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerJacob R. Buchert III (Rusty)
Line ProducerRaphael Hernandez
Macintosh High PriestBill Dugan
Additional ProgrammingChris DeSalvo
Music MasteringCharles Deenen
CD MusicJohann Langlie, Larry Peacock
Partially Based On Music byBrian Luzietti, Larry Peacock, Tim Wiles (Q), Jim Torres
Sound EffectsMichael Reagan (at SoundDelux), Gregory R. Allen, Charles Deenen
Post ProductionCharles Deenen
Voice DirectorMichael McConnohie
Voice EditingCraig Duman, Chris Borders
Sound Effects SupervisorsJacob R. Buchert III (Rusty), Charles Deenen

Quality Assurance

Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Director of Q.A.David L. Simon
Lead TesterKihan Pak
TestersMark Murakami (Mulder), Robert Loudon, Tony Martin, Jim Dodds, Alan Barasch, Chad Allison, Daniel Huffman, Ronald Hodge, Matthew Murakami, Matthew Golembiewski, Colin Totman, Christopher M. Benson
Q.A. I.S. CoordinatorDarren L. Monahan
Q.A. I.S. Mac TechnicianSteve Cabiness
Manual Design & LayoutUlises Gerardo
Manual EditorsRaphael Hernandez, Bruce Warner
Manual WritersParallax, Zina Powers, Steve Cabiness
Introductory Short StoryRaphael Hernandez
Audio TechnologyJim L. Nitchals, Steve Hales

Special Thanks

A Special Thanks toEric Klein, Alex Rosenberg, and the Game Kitchen Guys, Brad Lamont, Ryan Martell, Aaron Giles, Beth Allender (for caring for and raising baby), Erica during the final weeks of the project.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204669)