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Data East Corporation


Data East Corporation was founded on 20th April, 1976. The company was well known as a software publisher and an electronics manufacturer. It released a variety of arcade machines, including one of the first cartridge-based arcade game systems, the Deco Cassette System, which made its debut in 1980.

On the software side, they are most famous for arcade games in mid-1980s and also commissioned PC ports of its most famous games, such as Double Dragon and Platoon. Most of these conversions were done by Quicksilver.

Other notable games are Bad Dudes, Karnov, the Metal Max series, the Fighter's History series and Robocop. Its last known new release was Side Pocket for the WonderSwan in November 1999.

On 25th June 2003 the company declared bankruptcy and this was publicly announced on 8th July 2003. Paon Corporation, Ltd. bought the rights of some of their games, and gradually released them through the Wii's virtual console service.


Doukoku Soshite...: Remastered(2018)
16-Bit Collection: Data East Vol. 1(2017)
Data East Arcade Classics(2010)
Magical Drop Touch(2009)
Oretachi Game Center Zoku: Trio the Punch(2007)
Oretachi Game Center Zoku: BurgerTime(2005)
Revive...: Sosei(1999)
Magical Drop F(1999)
Magical Drop(1999)
Tantei Jinguji Saburo: Early Collection(1999)
Zombie Revenge(1999)
Tantei Jingūji Saburō: Yume no Owari ni(1998)
Doukoku Soshite...(1998)
Winter Heat(1997)
Side Pocket 3: 3D Polygon Billiard Game(1997)
Tantei Jingūji Saburō: Mikan no Rupo(1996)
Wizardry VI & VII Complete(1996)
Suiko Enbu Fuunsaiki(1996)
Magical Drop III(1996)
Skull Fang(1996)
Creature Shock(1996)
Avengers in Galactic Storm(1996)
Magical Drop II(1996)
Thunder Storm & Road Blaster(1995)
Metal Max Returns(1995)
Dark Legend(1995)
Data East's Hoops(1995)
Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend(1995)
Magical Drop(1995)
Street Slam(1994)
Locked 'n Loaded(1994)
Herakles no Eikō 4: Kamigami no Okurimono(1994)
Fighter's History Dynamite(1994)
Triad Stone(1994)
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics(1994)
Joe & Mac Returns(1994)
ABC Monday Night Football(1993)
Heavy Smash(1993)
Metal Max 2(1993)
Fighter's History(1993)
Dragon's Lair(1993)
High Seas Havoc(1993)
Night Slashers(1993)
Dashin' Desperadoes(1993)

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Company address in 1988:

Data East USA, Inc.
470 Needles Drive
San Jose, California 95112
United States

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