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Jay Hosfelt

Developer Biography

Jay Hosfelt grew up with Star Wars, Saturday morning cartoons, Transformers and video games. By the time he was eight, he knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up. Three weeks after graduating from high school in 1993, with a small art scholarship, he entered a computer animation program at a college in Dallas. One year later he found himself working for a small game developer while also completing his art degree. "Back then we were literally pushing pixels with a 256 color was much different than today" Jay recalls “It was pretty typical for one artist to design, model and animate their own character”.

Jay modeled and animated most of the main characters for many games including Anachronox and Counter Strike for Xbox. Over the years, and as technology grew, artists tended to specialize more and more and Jay found himself passionate about animation and this became his primary role for the past few games he worked on.

Jay’s most recent project, and perhaps the most well known was Gears of War where he and fellow animator Aaron Herzog won the AIAS award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation. “I never thought I’d work on a game that was as fun and challenging working on Anachronox was, but Gears of War blew that out of the water.”

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