Charles Adler

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Praised by some as “the King of Voice Actors” (Cinescape), Charlie Adler is one of America’s busiest voice talents.

With a portfolio of over 80 TV and movie productions - almost all of them animated series - and dozens of commercials, former stage actor Adler (born 1957) has likely spoken to most US citizens. Though he has lent his voice to well-known characters such as Buster Bunny (Tiny Toons) or both protagonists of the ’97 series Cow and Chicken, Adler seems to focus on colorful, wacky supporting characters.

In recent years, Adler has moved on to voice directing cartoons for the TV channel Nickelodeon and the movie Rugrats in Paris (2000). His presence is also increasingly audible in computer games; he has spoken for acclaimed projects such as the Fallout series or Escape from Monkey Island.

So what is the secret to his vocal versatility? Answers Adler: “When we record I have permission to be a mental hospital patient.” (TV Guide)

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