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Herzog Zwei

aka: SEGA AGES: Herzog Zwei

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The premise is that two opposing forces are in combat with one another. Each player controls a jet airplane which zooms across the screen and may turn into a ground based soldier. These ground soldiers can hurt enemy units, but can not affect bases. To take over bases scattered across the map (and ultimately, the enemy base), players must purchase new units and transport them to certain positions. In this way, the player acts more like a transport and management for different types of units rather than a combat character themselves. If the plane is ever destroyed, it restarts at the player's base location. As previously mentioned, a level is complete when either side's base is lost to the opposing forces.


  • SEGA AGES ヘルツォーク ツヴァイ - Japanese Nintendo Switch spelling
  • ヘルツォーク ツヴァイ - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Genesis version)

12 People (10 developers, 2 thanks)

Main Program
Weapon Program
Map Design
Character Design
Demo Program
Music Composed and Sound Effects
Manual Writer
Special Thanks
  • Tecno Soft
Cover Illustration



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1001 Video Games

Herzog Zwei appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Real-Time Strategy

Herzog Zwei is credited by many to be the first real-time strategy game, and is rumored to be the template for that part of gameplay in the more widely known Dune 2 game. But contrary to popular belief, Herzog Zwei isn't even the first real-time strategy archetype. That honor arguably goes to Stonkers and The Ancient Art of War, both released in 1984, five years before that game seen its' spotlight in Japan. In addition, many people who consider Herzog Zwei to be the first RTS ever made, know nothing about the extremely obsucre prequel of this game, titled just Herzog.

Title Translation

The words "Herzog" and "Zwei" are German. A direct translation of the game's title to English would be "Duke Two".

Hidden message in password system cipher

"Herzog Zwei is the work of Gan-chan" is the cipher for all passwords and "Gan-chan" is likely the nickname of programmer Takeshi Iwanaga: http://www.eenerd.com/HerzogZwei.html


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #43 (Best 100 Games of All Time)

Additional information contributed by Katharian Berg and IndieJones.

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