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aka: Fury of the Furries

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Everybody knows what/who Pac-Man is from his heyday in the '80s, but this time, we're getting a whole new adventure of our little eater. Guess his stomach is full, 'cause there's nothing much to eat here, only collecting points. This is much like some Indiana Jones adventure, only your little hero's Pac-Man instead of Harrison Ford. Pac-Man can even transform himself into a swimmer, rock eater, fireball spitter, or rope swinger during his quest.

The game takes place on a huge island separated into eight regions: Desert, Lagoon, Forest, Pyramids, Mountains, Factory, Village, and the Castle. When you manage to get through them, the last one awaits: The Machine which seems to be some sort of a way to get out of here. This level is not a typical stage after stage approach. Each screen has several exits that can either bring you closer to, or further from the end of the game.

Pac-in-Time is a reskinning of Fury of the Furries. It's exactly the same game. Only the characters were changed: the not-so-known European Tinies (from the Skweek/Super Skweek/Tiny Skweeks/Brainies/Tinies games) were replaced by the widely known Pac-Man. In Fury of the Furries, you control a cute, round creature called Tiny, who must defeat "the wicked one" who has captured the King and turned all the Tinies into mindless monsters.

A game with the same Pac-in-Time title came out for the SNES but it is a different game.


  • パックインタイム - Japanese spelling

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15 People

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Game files

You can see all the artwork used in the game including the animations if you have an image viewer capable of displaying Deluxe Paint PC files (.LBM). These files are stored in the directories PIC and SPR.

You can also listen all the music tracks with a MOD player. Just rename all the files' extensions from .KMD to .MOD in the directory KMD.


  • The game contains references to various cultural phenomena including movies, games and true or fictious characters:
    • The second level of the Forest stage references Star Wars by featuring a wrecked AT-ST in the background.
    • In the second level of the Pyramid stage there is a reference to the giant ball trap from the Indiana Jones film "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
    • In the fourth level of the Pyramid stage the player encounters three traps based on those in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
    • There is a Milka chocolate reference in one of the Mountain stages.
    • In the third level of the Village stage there is the appearance of "The Three Stooges"
    • In the fifth level of the Village stage the player meets Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.
    • In the seventh level of the Village the player can see the balcony scene from "Romeo & Juliet" and a scene from "Hamlet"
    • In the eighth level of the Village stage the player meets Smurfs.
    • The ninth level of the Village includes a white balloon-like enemy that chases the player around the level. It is a reference to Rover, the device used to chase would-be escapees in the movie "The Prisoner".
    • In the first level of the Castle the player encounters Dracula transforming into a vampire bat.
    • The second level of the Castle maze and enemies mimics the Pac-Man game.
    • The fifth level of the Castle is based on Donkey Kong.
    • Among many levels in the Machine, there is a room that resembles an arcade pinball game play field. Scenery elements serve as flippers and kickers while Tiny is acting as a steel ball. There is also another room that features a parody of Space Invaders.
    • Enemies in the Machine stages feature Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.
  • The loading screens include parodies.
    • The Desert shows a Tiny ridding the sandworm from "Dune" of Frank Herbert,
    • The Lagoon has reference to "Jaws" movie poster,
    • The Forest shows a Tiny in Tarzan outfit,
    • The Pyramid shows a Tiny in an Indiana Jones outfit.
  • In the language selection screen you have the option of choosing Fremen (from Frank Herbert's Dune saga). Selecting Fremen as the game language actually works.

Unreleased Game Gear version

A port of the game for the Game Gear console was done by Kalisto, programmed by Gil Espeche. Years later, a playable and finished prototype appeared and was described as "one of the best games on the Game Gear" (RetroGamer, issue #17, 2005). The previously unreleased game was then made available to the public by SMS Power with permission of Gil Espeche.

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  • MobyGames ID: 1137


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