Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma

aka: M:I - Operation Surma, MI: Operation Surma, Mission: Impossible - Opération Surma
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Operation Surma is a stealth action game that puts the player in the role of the top-secret government agent Ethan Hunt, with settings based on the Mission Impossible movies. The story does not follow any of the movies, nor does the main character resemble Tom Cruise; however, everything else, from various gadgets and disguising is present. Following the story, the player will unfold many mysteries behind the ICE Worm virus developed by the Surma Corporation that makes them only one step to global domination, and will have to prevent that from happening using any means necessary.

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Seemed so professional at first, but....

The Good
Like a raindrop on the window, you can clearly see it and find a beauty in it, but if it falls over the ocean, it is unspotted and lost out of sight. With top-notch games out there such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Splinter Cell that fortified stealth/espionage genre, this game has hard time to compete on virtually any level of development, because what MGS2 didn't cover, SC did, and vice-versa. But, inspite of all, this is a growing genre and Atari showed they can't be scared so easily, and hence this game was brought to life.

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but main hero is called Ethan Hunt, but it has no connection with Tom Cruise whatsoever. On the other side, Luther character is true to the movie, from character model to voice-acting. Most of the time, you'll be on a missions that are one-man-job designed, but every now and then you'll be prompted to escort or protect possible ally of yours. There are not too many level, but each one will take you great deal of time and their difference will not make you bored. You'll also utilize variety of gadgets to help you compensate the lack of firepower, since most of the missions will require the use of stealth and disguise rather than gunfight showdown, but it can work both ways, sometimes.

The Bad
Although this game feels and smells like a fine product, not some low-down low-budget quick one like Dark Angel, and variety of levels, missions, gadgets, and especially fighting moves may leave you satisfied, the whole game is a little bit... boring. It doesn't move slow, but it feels like it. It doesn't lack action, but it feels like it. It doesn't lack details, it definitely doesn't lack that (you should see jumping off the plane mission), but something's making it not work more than $10 which is still $3 more than I paid for it.

The final boss fight is not well done if only for a fact you can shoot him ten times in the head and he'll still be alive until you reach the final stage of conflict. This isn't just some MGS game where all the bosses are almost supernatural or are at least military capable, this is simple badguy that fights like he has nine lives, kind of a bit overdo for a final confrontation.

The Bottom Line
James Bond meets Snake... and they loose best parts of both worlds.

PlayStation 2 · by MAT (240185) · 2012



"Surma" is a Finnish word and it roughly translates to "death". Coincidental or intentional?


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