Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

aka: GTA: San Andreas, GTA:SA, Grand Theft Auto: Sin City
Moby ID: 15393

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PlayStation 2 credits (2004)

780 people with 930 credits.

Rockstar North

Art Director
Technical Directors
Senior Programmer
Written by
Lead Character Art
Character Art
Countryside Art
Lead Animator
Lead Cutscene Animator
Lead Los Santos Art
Los Santos Art
Lead San Fierro Art
San Fierro Art
Lead Las Venturas Art
Las Venturas Art
Lead Interior Art
Interior Environment Art
Lead Vehicle Art
Vehicle Art
Lead Level Design
Senior Level Design
Lead Audio Designer
Lead Music Producer
Audio Designer
Audio Programming
Level Design
QA Tools
Front-end Design
QA Manager
Senior Test Analyst
Lead Mission Analyst / Build Coordinator
Lead Test Analyst
Standards Testing
Test and Test Tool Support
Audio Testing
Studio Director
Office Administrator
Administration Support
IT Manager
IT Support

Rockstar New York

Executive Producer
VP of Development
Art Director
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Quality Assurance
Associate Producer
Lead Analysts
Rockstar Test Team
Business Development Manager
Soundtrack supervisors
Research and Analysis
Executive Consultant
Audio directed by
Cutscene Mocap directed by
Voice Over Production by
Script Supervision by
Cutscene Supervising Sound Editor
Cutscene Sound Designer
Dialogue Edited by
Production Department
Motion Graphics

The Cast

Carl "CJ" Johnson
Sean "Sweet" Johnson
Kendl Johnson
  • Yo Yo
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
Lance "Ryder" Wilson
Jeffrey "O.G. Loc" Cross
Mark "B Dup" Wayne
Barry "Big Bear" Thorne
Madd Dogg
Cesar Vialpando
Officer Frank Tenpenny
Officer Eddie Pulaski
Officer Hernandez
The Truth
Jizzy B
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Su Xi Mu
Ran Fa Li
Kent Paul
Ken Rosenberg
Salvatore Leone
Maria La Torra
Johnny Sindacco
Jimmy Silverman
Millie Perkins
  • Orfeh
Barbara Schternvart
Denise Robinson
Michelle Cannes
Helena Wankstein
Katie Zhan
Gangster Voices
Pedestrian Voices
Radio Station Callers
Additional Voices On News Radio
Radio Commercial Voices
Radio Commercial Singers
Jingles Produced by
Casting by
  • Judy Henderson & Associates
  • Donna Deseta Casting
  • Jaki Brown & Associates

Motion Capture

kr3t's dance company
Casting by
  • Bernard Telsey Casting
Motion Capture Recorded at
  • Perspective Studios
Facial Tracking & Animation
  • Image Metrics PLC
Motion Capture Coordinator



New York Publishing Team

New York Publishing Team
Cover Art
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Credits contributed by Corn Popper, Rik Hideto, EboMike.