Crash Twinsanity

aka: Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash & Cortex no Yabou, Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity, Crash Bandicoot: Unlimited
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PlayStation 2 Specs
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Two purple birds called the Evil Twins form a new threat to Crash's homeworld. Crash has to team up with his arch rival Dr. Neo Cortex to put a stop to this new threat.

Crash Twinsanity is a classic-style Crash platform game, though this time Crash has to work together with Dr. Cortex from time to time. Crash can pick up and throw Dr. Cortex to places he can't reach himself, or use him as a hammer to slap enemies. The consistent conflict between both heroes causes many funny situations.

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Average score: 64% (based on 31 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings with 1 reviews)

Two unfortunate faults

The Good
The music is memorable, and fits the game. The cutscenes are also look professional, and are well-scripted as well. Definitely above most other platformers in humor.

The gameplay is classic Crash, with a few additional characters.

The graphics finally look appropriate for the hardware. I was disappointed with the appearance of Wrath of Cortex, but this game looks noticeably better.

It's welcome to have a bit more freedom to move around the levels. Crash is no longer restricted to a single ribbon of a level; instead, there are actual side paths and open areas.

The Bad
First, the cutscenes are unskippable. Yeah, the humor is good, but when you're watching the same cutscene for the 6th time, it turns grating. Of course, there's a cutscene before every boss, and before most difficult sections.

Second, there is no hub world and no way to return to a level except through a few shortcuts. This is very bad for a collectathon game. While you don't gain new abilities, and can theoretically clear each level out in one go, there's always that one gem that you just can't get. In most games, you would be able to ignore it, and return later once you have more skill at the game. In this game, that involves you finding an appropriate shortcut, and then playing through all the levels between the gem, and where you were again. This includes beating all the bosses, and watching all the (unskippable) cutscenes.

The Bottom Line
It's at least reasonably good, but between the unskippable cutscenes, and the lack of a hub, I can't really recommend it; personally, I turned it off halfway through, and put it back on the shelf. I was tired of beating the same bosses, and watching the same cutscenes over and over again.

Xbox · by qwertyuiop (49911) · 2009


Cancelled GameCube version

A GameCube version of the game was planned, but never released.

Music Glitch

A glitch exists in the PlayStation 2 PAL releases in the level Slip Slide Icecapades, in which dying at any point of the level will result in the game playing the music from the previous level, Iceberg Lab, when returning to the last checkpoint. This glitch is permanent and cannot be corrected without resetting the game; the most likely reason for this glitch existing is that the music change occurs at the end of the cutscene leading into the level, and restarting the level from the end of the checkpoint bypasses the cutscene. It is not known if this glitch exists on other versions of the game.


Partway through the game, Crash and Cortex learn that the antagonists, the Evil Twins, live in an alternate universe called the 10th Dimension, with one of the twins bringing up the large amounts of treasure they own before the other twin comically tells him to change the subject. Crash and Cortex learn that they need power crystals to power Cortex's machine, which will allow them to travel to the 10th Dimension. This leads them to N. Gin's battleship and, after collecting a power crystal, defeating N. Gin and running away from a hungry walrus, the player faces N. Tropy and N. Brio. N. Tropy says "the rats are leaving the sinking ship", which doesn't make sense as N. Gin's battleship wasn't sinking, and while there were rats they weren't leaving. He then says "tell us where the treasure is and we'll let you go" - he is referring to the Evil Twins' treasure, but the three of them have never met the Evil Twins and should have no way of knowing about it. The three characters are then completely absent until the end of the game, where they are found inside the Evil Twins' treasure room (inside the 10th Dimension), despite the fact that they shouldn't have any idea the dimension exists, let alone be able to travel to it without the use of Cortex's machine. Spyro the Dragon also makes a cameo in this scene, where it is revealed that the treasure is actually his.

Rushed Development

Development of this title was heavily rushed. This is referenced in-game when Cortex says "we must travel to a new dimension! It was supposed to be two new dimensions, but we ran out of time."

Wrath of Cortex reference

The game references it's predecessor, Wrath of Cortex, in a scene where Cortex is confronted by angry penguins whose cheques from Cortex bounced; Cortex blames it on Wrath of Cortex's failure.


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